Conditional redirection

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How can I set 3 potential thank you pages, and redirect to the correct one based on whether or not someone selected a particular response? 

Very unclear in the helpcentre hopefully someone here can clarify! 

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I just did this recently!

I added points to each question then used the Score function on the page before redirecting them. 

Using the Score function allows you to set criteria for each page then redirect based on their responses. 

Are you familiar with how to add points to a question?

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Hi Vicki,


Thanks for the response. 


How did you work it in terms of redirection at the end? The only way I can see in their docs is to use the score in the redirect URL. Is it possible to say something like: 

If (score == 0) { //do this} 

If (score > 0) { //do this}  


That would be amazing! 

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My pleasure! 

Here are screen shots that might help - this shows the 3 landing pages, the question prior to the dredirect and the logic jump with logic jump. 

Is this what you are trying to do? 


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Thank you so much for all this help!


Unfortunately, these are not actual redirections to another URL, which is what I need :’(


My quest goes on


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Hey @BeQuick. Welcome to the Typeform community. And @vickioneill thanks so much for sharing this useful information! 🥳


At the moment, it is not possible to redirect your form to multiple URLs. Meaning, if you add the redirect on completion, all the respondents will always be redirected to the same website. 


However, you do have the option to create 3 different thank you pages, like the example @vickioneill has shared, and then add the links to the button of each thank you page. This way, you can set up the rules to send the respondents to these pages and then the respectives URL will be on each TY screen. Would that work for you, @BeQuick

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@Mariana you must be joking!?!?! How is typeform missing such an essential component? 


Is there a workaround? We were going to transfer a few clients over to typeform but conditional redirects are absolutely necessary to a good 80% of our clientele. 


Can you advise on how you filter people to the correct ending? 


Most of our funnels work as follows:

  1. Quiz - collects details
  1. Logic - redirects to callback form, info passed via UTM params in URL
  1. Schedule Callback - final pieces of information
  1. Thank you page


Any information at this stage would be helpful, I saw some things about using workarounds like hidden fields but the docs are outdated. 

I was hoping to find something like this:

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Hi @BeQuick I’m afraid Mariana isn’t joking, but we can note this suggestion for you as feedback. 

The setup @vickioneill shared is a great walkthrough on how to send the respondent to multiple thank you pages, and each thank you page can have their own redirect URL button. Would this setup work for you since you can add the redirect URLs to those thank you pages? :) 



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@Liz Yea it should be a feature for sure.

Are you saying that If I set up the same setup as above, I can redirect to external pages instead of the message just being displayed? 

What I’m looking for is:

Quiz ==> Logic ==> Redirect to Thank You Page

Can this be done? 

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Hi @BeQuick - on the thank you pages, you can add a URL onto the buttons, which would then allow the respondent to click on the buttons to be taken to different external pages! :grinning:

I made a short gif below to show you how to edit this in the new builder. If you’re in the classic, let me know, and I can make a gif for that, too. 


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Hi @BeQuick - were you able to find the redirect settings on the thank you page? :grinning:

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@Liz unfortunately having buttons to redirect is out of the question. We moved our accounts to Jotform because they have the functionality we needed. 



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@BeQuick Totally understand finding a platform that works for you! Hopefully we can add this feature. :grinning:

Crazy to me that this doesnt exist. I have been a professional typeform user for a year and now need this function. Will have to leave typeform due to this which is a major frustration despite everything I have set up.

Typeform should probably focus on the basics like this instead of coming our with other videoask software….

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If you use the same base for your url, there might be a solution, using variables or directly the value of a question.


Here is how to reuse a variable or the answer to a question in your redirect on completion.

Then on your website, you decide what pages to show for each value.