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💻 September videoask of the month!

  • 1 September 2022
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💻 September videoask of the month!
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Hello everyone 😁 It’s time for another videoask of the month


September has us jet setting across the globe to Thailand 🛫 to take a look at a fabulous virtual tour experience, created by the team at Pimclick


Check out the videoask virtual tour

(This videoask is set to preview mode, so answers won’t be submitted 🤓)



What’s the use case?


The videoask was created to replace in-person tours of a co-working space in Bangkok during the pandemic, allowing potential visitors to experience the office space and to ask questions without leaving the comfort and safety of their own homes. 


Where can you find it?


You can see an example of this videoask on the Pimclick website here. They have embedded the videoask as a widget on their webpage for visitors to test out the Common Ground virtual tour. Clicking on the widget brings up the modal and allows you to begin interacting with the videoask. 




This videoask has been built using the following features:


  • Multiple choice answer type
  • Conditional logic
  • Open ended answer type
  • Redirect to URL

There’s a lot of multiple choice and logic going on in this videoask! This allows Pimclick to showcase the different venues the co-working has, then show the different spaces and services available within them. They’ve also used logic to create a back button effect so once you’ve seen one area you can skip back to the “lobby” to look at something else.


The videoask isn’t currently active, but when it is, the book a tour button redirects you to the Common Ground booking form so you can visit the space in person.


🎉 Congrats to the team at Pimclick for creating another fantastic videoask, if you’re interested in seeing what else they’ve done, take a look at our March videoask of the month 😉


And if you have any questions about the features used in this videoask, let us know in the comments below ⬇


We’re always on the hunt for inspiring videoasks - if you would like to be featured as a videoask of the month both here in the community and in the VideoAsk Product Digest Newsletter, send me a DM or tell us about your use case here 🙏

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Woahh, looks like a fab co-working spot! Nice job, Pimclick!