How to stop respondents from moving forward in the form?

  • 20 February 2021
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On our typeforms, even when the question is required, it allows the user to just scroll past the question. How can I disable this, we don’t want them progressing unless they give an answer.



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54 replies

I haven’t set up any logic beyond making the question “required” ...The challenge is, if a user can move past the question without answering... to the answer on the next slide, it messes up the workflow of the form.  It seems like the link that you referred me to only works on multiple choice questions.  Is there any workaround for long form type answers?  As others have mentioned in this thread… this seems to be a big problem.

 just ticking on the setting that 

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try this logic - in this sample i send the user to a statement IF they enter text.. otherwise it doesn’t go anywhere 


the required setting will force the user to answer the questions that ARE required before they are submitted.. it doesn’t mean “don’t scroll by this question” .. 



All of our work-arounds are very clunky.  We can give it a try… but the scrolling by the question is the real problem… I still don’t understand why they’d let you set up a question as “required” then allow the user to simply scroll past that required question… idk

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the required bit is that you have to complete the question before submission.. it doesn’t mean that it stops the user from rolling forward. 

couple of things - if your plan allows it, turn off the scrolling indicators. 

and use the logic rules to control movement..