April Community Roundup 🌸

April Community Roundup 🌸
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The weather was gloomy for many of us around the world in April, but our new features weren’t! This month, for example, we welcomed a brand new eCommerce integration, Square and some fancy updates to our logic map.


Let’s dive into the numbers from last month. 

📈 Since April, we’ve had 880 new members join, bringing us to a total of 14,270 users. 64 of you were VideoAsk users - yay!


🗣️   217 conversations were started, handing out 1963 likes along with it. 


👀   72,765 visitors stopped by the community and 29,504 of those were unique views. 


✅  64.80% of questions were answered - yay for answers!


Here are some of the highlights from last month: 


Grace is still releasing VideoAsk-related content like none other. One of the big highlights was the first episode in our VideoAsk Voyagers series featuring the co-founders of Wake Up to Freedom. Read all about how they’re collecting video testimonials here


If you’re a tactile person, you’ll love the updates to the visual logic map, which you can learn more about here


We hosted a fantastic webinar with landing page experts Unbounce and Olly Meakings, Founder of Roast My Landing Page. Watch the replay to learn some helpful tips here


Get a rundown of all the features Typeform released last month here, and find out what's new in VideoAsk here.


If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this super cool VideoAsk-built solution by Breakroom in a Box here.


Show us your fancy forms in this thread and see what your fellow Typeformers and VideoAskers are building. 


This month, we’ve been talking about our lunches, so if you’re curious what we’ve been eating, take a look in the Barception thread. 

Shout out to @john.desborough  @Grace @picsoung  @mathio @Ethan M. @Darnell @Gabi Amaral  for making this a great month. See you all next month!


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Awesome sauce @Liz - I’m here for all of this!

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@Liz - lots of activity in the month.. and ramping up to be another big month from what i can tell… congrats, thanks and much gratitude to all the folks who contribute to make this a growing community.. 



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Aw, such a great month! The webinar was wonderful, highly recommend anyone to watch it!

I'm also particularly happy with the VideoAsk content @Grace has been working on, kudos to you! 💙

Last, but not least, kudos to you @Liz for being a machine when answering questions (How do you have that much knowledge about Typeform?!) Hehehehehe You're the best! 😍

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Woohoo! Love to see more and more people joining us. Here’s to a great May for all of you :)


Thanks @Liz!