▶️ Rewatch the webinar: How to create landing page experiences that convert ✅

▶️  Rewatch the webinar: How to create landing page experiences that convert ✅
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Hey folks,


Hope you're doing well. Yesterday we ran the second installment of our Lead Generation Essentials webinar series "How to create landing page experiences that convert". 


We were joined by some of the sharpest minds in the landing page game: Unbounce's Carla Lynn and Joel McDonald, along with Olly Meakings, Founder of Roast My Landing Page. Hosted by Typeform's own @chriscooning, the event was a masterclass in how to improve your landing pages to boost your return on marketing investment.  


You can access the full recording of the webinar below, and download a copy of the slides here.


What did we learn?

Here's a recap of some of the many insights we learned from the gang:


  • What is the expected impact of optimizing your landing pages

  • Why you should write for clarity not cleverness

  • How to use images to create feeling

  • Why communicating value trumps listing features

  • How to create trust with social proof

  • How to personalize CTAs for better conversion

  • How experimenting and testing hypotheses can bring huge uplifts in conversions

  • Olly's roast: 5 examples of pages and how they could be optimized for higher conversion

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Curious about any of the tools, materials and tips mentioned in the webinar? Check out the following:



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TrustPulse: Social proof statistics: 42 reasons your business needs social proof

VideoAsk: Authentic testimonials made in video 

HubSpot: Personalized CTAs perform 202% better than basic CTAs

How to embed a typeform into your Unbounce landing pages

Unbounce's Smart Traffic tool

Olly's roasts of leading SaaS company landing pages

100 leading SaaS landing pages audited 2022

Smart Copy Chrome extension

The 2021 Conversion benchmark report

Guide to Typeform's HubSpot integration

Lead Generation Essentials #1: How to target and attract the right leads


💡 Share your questions, insights, and landing pages!


We hope all of this helps you create even more successful lead generation campaigns. There's a lot to unpick there, and if you have any thoughts or follow-up questions you'd like to share we'd love to hear them below. 


Didn't get your page roasted? Feel free to share it below and invite the community to give feedback (if you're giving feedback please be nice 😛)

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Wooow...can't wait for this webinar! 😍

Tagging some users that might be interested on this one: @Darnell @talon256 @Paulo @TimWinkler @Collateral Base @driaux @Mark.T @belinda_long @InspiringMEntor @kalle 

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Looking forward to this one @James 

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I’m sure this is going to be full of handy ‘converting’ tip. 

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oh wow, appreciate the tag, @Gabi Amaral !

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Thanks a lot to everyone who came to our webinar yesterday, it was a blast! Moreover, thanks to all of our amazing guests for taking the time out of their busy schedules to blast us with knowledge! Shout out to @chriscooning for presenting so smoothly, and to @Gabi Amaral and Tomi for moderating and interacting in a very lively live chat! 😎

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@James @Gabi Amaral - it truly was a good session. lots of fun stuff there to take a look at for those folks who have or want to create a landing page. Olly gave some really good nuggets in there.. i made some notes but will be watching at least once more to catch everything.. 

great job Team Typeform for this series!!!



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Thank you, @john.desborough! I'm happy you liked it! Indeed, it was a very enlightening session! 

Tagging some other users here so they remember to take a look at it: @Darnell @Michaela @Paulo @talon256 @TimWinkler @kalle @Carol Executive Lion Tamer @Pako69 @Leslie MGB 

Hope you enjoy it! 😊

This is awesome 👏

Thank you to Typeform for inviting us, to everyone for joining, and for all of the engaging questions. 

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Very informative and useful training session. In the end “The secret formula for lead capturing lead information” is mentioned but I cannot find it anywhere. Where is it? Can somebody point me to it please? Thanks


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Hey @guidowalter! How are you doing today?

Actually, this is the topic of our next webinar. It should be in June and we'll talk about how to capture leads by giving some research-based tips to improve form completions.

@James and I are organizing this one and we hope you can attend!  We should be opening the registrations soon, so stay tuned in our Community! 

In the meantime, we already had other webinar from this series, make sure you take a look at it! 


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Yes thats video #1 in the series. I watched it. Thank you. Maybe it would be helpful to point that out in the video that “Whats next?” will be covered in the next video due in June. Maybe I missed that part in the video. 

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Good feedback @guidowalter ! CC @James 

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Hey @guidowalter, thanks a lot for the feedback 😃 As @Gabi Amaral mentioned, the lead capture webinar webinar you mentioned is indeed coming up in June – I’ll ping you here with the info as soon as registrations open (should be tomorrow or Wednesday!)

Thanks for your interest!

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Hi @guidowalter  - just wanted to give you the heads-up that registration is now open for Episode 3 of Lead Generation Essentials , where we’ll be sharing advice on how to improve lead capture forms in order to boost completion rates (and reduce CPL as a result 😅)

Typeform’s @PolBorrellas @chriscooning will be joined by the Community’s very own walking, talking lead magnet @john.desborough, and Professor of social interaction Liz Stokoe on June 15th to discuss research-based lead capture tips.

You can sign up here for free: