[VideoAsk Voyagers 🛸] Meet the team adding some magic to testimonial collection

  • 28 April 2022
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[VideoAsk Voyagers 🛸] Meet the team adding some magic to testimonial collection
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Hello everyone! 👋


Welcome to the first ever episode of VideoAsk Voyagers, a brand new series on the Community where we’ll be exploring amazing use cases and shining examples of creativity with savvy VideoAsk users. 


In this first episode we meet Justin DeMers and Sarah Tempte, Co-Founders of Wake Up to Freedom, a marketing consultancy company with a refreshing approach to collecting testimonials. Discover why it’s so important to capture meaningful customer stories and hear how VideoAsk has become their go-to tool for getting the most authentic testimonials.




“There’s so much power in collecting different types of micro stories, throughout the whole span of a customer journey” - Sarah Temte


In this inspiring conversation we talked about:


  • How they’re tapping into the high points of a customer journey to collect testimonials 

  • How they turned their learnings into a toolkit for other businesses

  • Using your customers language to inform your marketing

  • The gift of going second - warming up your audience


Find out more


Just starting out using videoask for testimonials? Check out these resources:



⭐️ If you’re interested in signing up to Social Proof Magic, or curious to see what else Justin and Sarah are up to, head over to Wake Up to Freedom 

⭐️ Plus if you’d like to hear more from Justin, he was a guest on the VideoAsk Podcast last year, check out the interview here


🛸 VideoAsk Voyagers will be jetting off again soon, crossing the galaxy to bring you more epic tales from VideoAsk creators. Got a fascinating story you’d like to share? Tell us about it here and you never know, we may be cruising by to share your adventures with the rest of the world!



9 replies

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Fabulous! I love it. Our first community VideoAsk story is out. I’m ready to binge watch !


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it was a good session 

i really enjoyed it and i can see a lot of use for these.. and some things that i will be using .. not only for me but for clients



The content was very helpful to me. I hope there will be more videos like this in the future.

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Really great information and inspirational. A big help to just getting started. Thank you!

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A big thank you to @Wake Up To Freedom for chatting to us! 😁

@john.desborough @Jun @Phil Richards really pleased to hear you enjoyed it and found it helpful, let us know what kinds of topics you’d like to hear more about in the future! 

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Interesting information thanks)
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Looking forward to checking this out! Added it to my YT Watchlist.

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Nice one @Darnell let us know what you think once you’ve watched it 🙌

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Most certainly, @Grace !