March Community Roundup 🍀

March Community Roundup 🍀
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March was the month of feature enhancements, updating everything from the Calendly app to the Results panel. While we were updating different areas of the product, we welcomed more conversations from VideoAsk users, hosted webinars, and witnessed some epic Typeform building from all of you!


2022 is shaping up to be a busy year, so let’s dive right into the numbers from last month. 

📈 Since March, we’ve had 1217 new members join, bringing us to a total of 13,392 users. 200 of you were VideoAsk users - yay!


🗣️   286 conversations were started, handing out 2224 likes along with it. 


👀   84,383 visitors stopped by the community and 33,705 of those were unique views. 


✅  76.25% of questions were answered - yay for answers!


Here are some of the highlights from last month: 


We’ve been rolling out the VideoAsk content! First up on the list was this handy walkthrough from @jkmorton on how to collect video testimonials using VideoAsk. 


If data charts are your kind of thing, you’ll love our new Performance Trend chart


Typeform isn’t just for surveys - you can have fun with it, too! Check out @cpeak5000 's mind-blowing form , The Octopus, which combines many features from Typeform in their choose-your-own-adventure form. 


Get a rundown of all the features Typeform released last month here as well as VideoAsk here.


Need some VideoAsk inspiration? Check out our videoask of the month!


We launched our first member spotlight with none other than the infamous, Des! Learn more about him and his talented Typeform skills here.


Have a fancy form you’d like to show off? Do so in this thread and check out all the other cool forms members are building!


We’ve been traveling all over the world while building forms. If you’re curious where we’ve been, check out our photos here! Or, come say hello to us over in Barception for a virtual coffee. 

Shout out to @john.desborough  @Grace  @picsoung  @mathio @chriscooning  @Darnell @Gabi Amaral @cpeak5000  for making this a great month. See you all next month!

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Wow another busy month and so many new members! Time flies when you’re having fun in the community!! 🎉

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@Liz - yes this was a busy month it seems.. and don’t forget the Community Love program as well.. 

Thank you TYPEFORM & TEAM!



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Love it, appreciate this huge update, @Liz !!

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Yaaay, March was a great month indeed! Thanks for the update, @Liz! Shout out to you as well! 

We also launched our Typeform Love program which I'm very excited about! 😍

Kudos to some of the users that were rewarded this month! @Olgasolo @ValdemarQ @DavidD @JeanMcK @Paulo @talon256