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[Workspace Invaders 👾] Meet the man behind The Octopus: an epic typeform adventure story

  • 24 March 2022
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[Workspace Invaders 👾] Meet the man behind The Octopus: an epic typeform adventure story
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Chris Garcia Peak and his crew of intrepid creators took on a strange, eight-legged beast with Typeform.

In this episode of Workspace Invaders we hook up with Chris (@cpeak5000 ) in a deep dive into the making of The Octopus: an epic choose-your-own-adventure production created with Typeform.


What we talked about

  • How Chris and his team crafted an interactive video-based story in Typeform – with an entirely remote cast.

  • Chris' pride and joy – the 144-question logic map that powers The Octopus. 

  • The design and video features that give The Octopus a unique vibe.


Where to go next


Fancy making an immersive, interactive choose-your-adventure story like The Octopus? As Chris points out in the episode it can be a very powerful way to engage your audience or to tell your brand’s story.

Here are some resources to help you start your story:

Workspace Invaders will be back soon in another quest to uncover the shining lights of the Typeform universe. Got an out-of-this-world typeform solution you want to share? Tell us about it here and you never know, we could be swooping in to pay you a visit and expose your awesomeness to the Planet! 🌠


5 replies

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@James - this is great!!

Madlibs rule!!


and that is one sick logic map.. I love what they did with Typeform.. 

Well done Chris and team!


@James - I laughed at your reaction to the “look tidy” statement lol





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Incredible! That logic map is insane! Well done to everyone involved in the creation of The Octopus! 🐙

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haha @john.desborough when The Octopus speaks I listen! Glad you liked this one. And thanks again to @cpeak5000 for navigating us through the adventure!

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What an inspiring use case! Great work!!

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That's so cool!!!! I love the videosss...I cannot even imagine how much work Chris had to put on it! Excellent! 😍

P.S. The Octopus believes I can make better choices! Hehehehe (Sometimes I do too! 😂)