Bye 2021, hello 2022! 💫

  • 24 December 2021
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Hello my friends! :wave_tone2:

The holiday season is here and I couldn't be more excited about it! It's time to reflect on 2021 and think of goals for 2022. 

2021 was very important to Typeform. Our Community is one of the highlights of this year, so we'd like to thank you for that! Thank you for bringing so much knowledge, insights and empathy to our Community. We hope that, together, we can achieve even more next year! 

The highlight of 2021 for me was joining the Typeform family! I've learned so much here and I can't wait to learn more with you next year.

What about you? What was the highlight of 2021 to you? What things are you hoping to accomplish in 2022? :wink:

That's it! We hope you can enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones. We wish you lots of laughs, good feelings and food (of course!). 

Cheers and see you next year! :blue_heart:

9 replies

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The highlight of this year for me was finally adjusting to our new life in Barcelona. We arrived in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic and the first months were tough. My son didn’t want to speak to anybody besides mummy and daddy as I think he was disoriented - new city, new language, new house, new friends, etc. 

This year we all seem more at ease with our new home and he’s regained his confidence. 


On the professional side of things… obviously bringing this community to life and creating an awesome community team around it. 

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A year full of highlights here in the igloo and in the Community!. For me the year has been one of transitioning into an entirely new business model - the pandemic didn’t help lol - based on quizzes/forms, email autoresponders, and automation tools. 

The highlight for me was being asked to present at the Typeform Meaningful Conversations event last spring - humbled - which also turned into one of the first Workspace Invaders sessions in the Community. 

I’ve learned a lot about Typeform and how to make convoluted logic work (ie how DO you rank 12 different possible outcomes from highest to lowest and break ties for top spot?) and how to use Typeform-based quiz funnels for myself and for clients. 

The absolute best thing about the year in this Community has been the relationships with the people who are engaged as users and the team from Typeform ( @Gabriel @Liz @James @Gabi Amaral @picsoung @mathio @Mariana @paul @amy.carlson @Grace @kabir.mathur and all the others). The group has worked hard to make this community vibrant and to grow … and it will continue to get bigger and better. 

I’m looking forward to another great year and a whole lot more learning/understanding of how to make Typeform work in my ecosystem!

from my igloo (under construction) to your ‘casa’ - have the happiest of holidays and the most wonderful start to a New Year!



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Hahhahaha @Gabi Amaral this gif!!

On a work level, I had my first full year in the Community, and I’m so glad to be here! I had a nightmare last night that I got switched to a position on a different team and hated it, so I guess it’s a sign that I like this role. :joy::rofl: Thanks @Gabriel and @Gabi Amaral for being great colleagues! This role has also let me connect with many others in the community that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, such as @kabir.mathur @mathio @picsoung to name a few. 

@Gabriel The photo of your son is so precious!!

WOW @john.desborough quite the igloo! Thanks for being a part of this community. You’ve definitely made it a highlight, and I’m inspired by your business skills! You’ve inspired me to finally get started on my email marketing campaign for the side gig, which I’ve been putting off for a while. I don’t know how you fit everything into the day, but thankful that you do! 

I’m also glad I got to connect with others here like @Michaela @TFJunkie @Paulo @belinda_long @vickioneill and @JustinV22 to name a few. You’re all doing amazing work!!

On a personal level, I almost finished my Q1 and Q2 personal goals in my Asana board this morning, which include completing 4 different language certifications (French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese) by the end of Q2, 2 accounting/finance courses between Q1-Q2, and finally finishing the first draft of a fiction book by Q2. We’ll see how this goes! :joy:

Excited to see what Typeform has in store for the next year and what all of you create!

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@Liz - wow.. that is one heck of an accomplishment list … how do YOU fit all that in around work work?? lol




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@Liz  I need 3 lives to accomplish all that. 

So @john.desborough de igloo is real!

Thanks for starting this nice thread @Gabi Amaral 

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@Liz - wow.. that is one heck of an accomplishment list … how do YOU fit all that in around work work?? lol




I’m basically already there with most of these! I once accidentally registered for the B2 DELE Spanish exam (which I didn’t pass because I meant to register for A2...), so I have a good idea how far I am now. :joy:

@john.desborough how do you make an igloo? It sounds like a simple question...but my snowmen didn’t stay afloat when I was a kid so. 

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Loving this thread :hugging: ! (Also totally in love with that gif, hahah)

First of all, it’s so great to see that everyone has not just one but a whole heap of 2021 highlights! 

@Gabi Amaral we are all so very happy that we get to talk to you here in this wonderful community!
@Gabriel your son is an absolute, absolute sweetheart!

@john.desborough omg that igloo is top-notch!

@Liz you are an actual hero for having that many goals! I am very impressed. I am also very amused by the B2-A2 exam misunderstanding :sweat_smile:  Sounds like something that could easily happen to me as well.


Ok, time for my highlights

Professionally, it definitely is working for a company I genuinely love. I’m in a story-telling mood so let me elaborate here :smile: I am originally a linguist. I have a degree in English <> Czech translation and interpreting. I used to be a translator, an ESL teacher, a hostel receptionist and an announcement-for-the-airports editor. I lost pretty much all of the jobs with covid and was honestly worried about my future. I then stumbled upon Integromat. At the beginning, I was a bit tentative about having an office job. I was afraid that it meant I was selling out and whatnot :sweat_smile: A year and a half later, I have to say that it really is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ‘Representing’ a product I truly love and swear by is priceless. All the amazing people I got to meet through my job (that’s you guys! :heart:) are the true icing on cake. 

In my private life… Well in my life in general.. I would totally highlight the fact that I started to take thorough care of my mental health and wellbeing. A habit I encourage every single human being on this planet to adopt. 


And what am I looking forward to in 2022?

  • Working on more community-related activities which is something I’ve grown to love with all my heart.
  • All the laughs to be had. 
  • All the great food to be prepared and consumed.
  • And (I agree that this is rather ambitious) for covid to finally pack its things and leave us alone. 


I’d like to close this looooooong reply by wishing all of you the best in 2022 from all of us over here at Integromat :blush: ​​​​​​​



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I'm very happy to hear so many amazing things over here!

@Gabriel Luca is a very bright (and cute) boy and I'm happy he was able to regain his confidence! Kudos to you and to his mom! Also, congrats for building this Community, I know how important this is to you! Thank you for your patience and trust! :wink:

@john.desborough Seriously, how did you build the igloo? This is so nice! Honestly, if you want to know my opinion, I think you're the dream of every Community, Des! We are incredibly lucky for having you here. Thanks for going the extra mile to help your peers and us as well! :blue_heart:

@Liz I'm still processing the amount of accomplishments you've had in 2021! In the meantime, you were answering A LOT of questions over here and helping our creators! You're a star! It's a pleasure being in the same team as you! :pray_tone2:

@Michaela Congrats for the courage to reinvent yourself in these uncertain times we've been living in! You took the challenge of an office job and here you are! I admire you a lot and I can relate as well! I only applied for a job here at Typeform because I was using the product and completely in love with it, couldn't have asked for a better place to be. :raised_hands_tone2:

On a personal level, 2021 was not a good one for me (things I couldn't control!). However, I'm happy that I nailed the things I have control over! I started prioritizing myself and my well being by doing therapy and it has being very helpful to get to know myself better. I also started training with a personal trainer, so my self-esteem and my body are thankful for that! :two_hearts:

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Wow this is an incredibly inspiring thread! :heartbeat:

@Liz you’re making me feel tired just reading all the things you’ve been up to this year, I need to step up my game in 2022! 

@john.desborough I cannot get over your iglu - please tell us more! I have just spent the festive period with my family in England and it rained the whole time, I could probably build a pond at best :joy:

@Gabriel so pleased to hear 2021 allowed you and your family to settle into Barcelona life, it’s never easy making a change but we’re very lucky to have you and that pic of Luca is just too cute!! 

For me 2021 was full of changes and new adventures, moving back to Barcelona during the pandemic and getting to join the Typeform/VideoAsk family was 100% the highlight, I feel so grateful to have a job I enjoy, working with incredibly smart and talented people and I am even more excited for 2022 to begin and to be joining the Community team full time :raised_hands:  woop! Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome and included so far, I can’t wait to get to know you all more in the new year :hugging: