[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 7: Chris Do

  • 19 October 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 7: Chris Do
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At some point, you realize that doing content the same old way that everyone else does it just won’t get it done. As products have flooded the marketplace, and competitors are more than happy to copy every feature and design you have, you realize you need something more.


In the Meaningful Brands framework, you begin with a solid product/service. You have to deliver here, even if you have copycats (or perhaps you’re the copycat) following your every move. The next area of this framework is delivering more “personal” benefits, something beyond the product. This is Chris Do’s expertise. It’s why he’s an influencer of influencers. And he does it with amazing content.


Chris puts it more succinctly: “offer more than just transactions, offer transformation.” Content done well has the ability to do that. Do you offer transformation, beyond the product? It might be time to start. Anyway, you ever hear that phrase “teaching sells”? Chris is a masterful teacher, and being a great educator (particularly one who really cares) creates an unfair advantage for anyone in the marketing profession today. Here’s Chris:



Hope you enjoy :)


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@paul - another great interview .. just could not wait till the morning to watch.  Chris Do has an amazing approach to teaching and I was really impressed with his breakdown of ikigai. From ‘don’t sell, be a teacher’ to understanding that play is incredibly important: Be you and figure out how to get paid to do what you love to do, for what you love to ‘play at’! 

I agree on the takeaways and would add one thing: if you want to really learn and enjoy something, submit to it, commit to it - “wax on, wax off”. 

Thank you for another stellar session!


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Thanks Des. He’s an impressive human being, and such a strong presence. And love the Miyagi reference.