[Meaningful Mondays] Gratitude + an exclusive

  • 29 March 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Gratitude + an exclusive
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Hey everyone. Wanted to share a quick message:


And here's a link to the podcast. Enjoy.


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Great to see that smile again @paul :smile: Happy to hear you're doing well and grateful to have you – and you're perspectives – back with us. 

Just checked out the podcast – an awesome listen, thanks for giving us the scoop on it. 


Regarding what you say about the democratising of technology and the way that's shifted the power balance away from the mainstream media, I've been playing around a lot with Stereo recently. Have you tried it? It's an app that illustrates how far we've come in this respect. With literally the tap of a button you can broadcast yourself and share your thoughts with the whole world - like your own instant radio station. There's a feature in it that matches you with a random person somewhere and you're thrust straight into a conversation with them. It's kinda odd at first (like jumping into iced water) but I've had some meaningful conversations through it. One thing a guy (driving his truck into town to get his haircut in Nebraska) was saying to me the other day is that Stereo opened his eyes to other views. He listens there to people who at first he thinks he will disagree with and realises that they are not so different to him, in fact he ends up agreeing with a lot of the things they say. It's a way more nuanced form of social media without the bile and division of a lot of the mainstream social platforms. Check it out if you haven't, I think you'll like it (you could even do a live version of your podcast on it!)



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@paul - glad to see you looking much better than two weeks ago. Glad you are getting back on your feet and continuing to create great content. 

Very interesting podcast. thought provoking - especially on the ‘becoming more’. 

Thanks for sharing the podcast early - appreciate that the Community gets to see inside the thinking early, as part of the roll-out. 





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Hey @James, thanks for the recommendation on Stereo. I'll download it later and play with it.

@john.desborough It's good to be back (even if it's not 100%). Looking forward to sharing more exclusives with everyone here. And thanks again for all the encouraging words. Everything helps.


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@paul It’s so good to see you recovering well and having such a positive perspective on your situation. There are so many things that could have gone worse and hearing you look at the positive side is a great way to shed light on how we look at anything - it’s about perspective. I hope you get the healthcare situation worked out (I understand the struggle). 

Just listened to the first episode of your new podcast. Congratulations on the launch!! Great job recapping 2020 especially in the US. The changes in employment and technology are a constant change. It will be interesting to see how business and life looks as more people start their own business vs. working for someone else. Eventually, how businesses choose solutions will need to change. 

There's an interesting article by Harvard Business Review that I’m actually doing a YouTube video series on called “10 truths about marketing after the pandemic” and the one truth I’m talking about this week is my favorite (and applicable to what I mentioned above):  Old truth:  you're competing with your competitors. New truth: you’re competing with the last best experience your customer had. I believe Typeform will be a part of this ‘New Truth’. 

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It’s so nice to see you’re recovering well, @paul. Haven’t reached out 1:1 as I prefer not to disturb you while you are (almost) off. 

Thanks for dropping by, this place is not the same without your meaningful series. And I hope the MRI shows and healthy back!

Really excited about the podcast.