Meaningful Mondays: Meet SHIFT

Meaningful Mondays: Meet SHIFT
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Hey Community, 


This is @David Leon and me, coming at you with some pretty cool news about a new project we're working on at Typeform: SHIFT!



So, what is Shift?


We're glad you asked. Shift is a new Typeform series that sheds light on Typeform customers that are doing great things for their community and in doing so, making the world just that much better.


The Shift series will pair short and powerful documentaries with long form articles that will offer a truly reflective narrative of our customers and their journeys.


Why are we doing this?


We want to learn what it takes to be a truly meaningful brand and offer those who are working through this, a stage in which to share their stories and inspire others.


Creating a shift in someone’s perspective can be hard work. We chose to name this series Shift because it signifies the change the people we will portray want to see in the world, or the personal struggle they have overcome by shifting their outlook. It's also the result we would like to have on our audience: a shift in perspective on their own business. And lastly, it simultaneously also represents the evolution we seek within Typeform.


What are we working on now? 


Episode 1: Finca Machinda


This story goes back to the agricultural roots of the island, Lanzarote. Finca Machinda provide sustainably grown vegetables and deliver these right to people’s doorsteps. In providing for others, they’ve managed to preserve their island's unique landscape, create jobs and empower the local community.


Get a sneak peek ☝️and check out the unofficial trailer for our first episode about Finca Machinda.


Episode 2: Give a Dose


This story takes viewers and readers on a journey through the history and current realities of racism in America and how constructs like privilege are used to silence minority groups. We share the inspiring beginnings of Give A Dose, a platform created with a Typeform and the incredible people who came together to make it all happen. The story also heroes Julia Garcia Neuroth (Dr. J) who brought her life’s work and vision to life through Give a Dose, and John B. Johnson of black-owned business, A Small Studio. 


Calling all Shift-makers!


We’re actively looking for inspiring stories to hero our upcoming episodes. If you have made a shift in your life and are helping your community, or know someone who has, please fill out this typeform



David and Maite


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Awesome work @Msquared and @David Leon .. great initiative!


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Thanks @john.desborough! That means a lot. We’re looking forward to sharing more as it unfolds  :relaxed:

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So cool to see this coming together @Msquared and @David Leon I can’t wait to learn more about how these folks are making a difference.

That trailer looks slick as an eel that’s been shaved and dipped in olive oil :sunglasses: