Building Sports Club Registration Form - but separating results into specific teams and separate spreadsheets


Typeform novice here, scratching my head trying to work out how to achieve something...

I'm looking to set up a registration form for a local youth football club I am part of.  Within this club there are 20-30 teams (with an average of 12-15 players per team), so having one registration form and set of results would prove very cumbersome and messy.  Creating that many different forms/links and relying on individual teams to work out would also be hard to manage.

What I would like to do:
1. 1 central form with a link - this is used throughout the club.
2. The first question (or one of the first questions) is a multiple choice where they can select the individual team they are registering for
3. They then proceed to complete the rest of the form, but all results are separated by team (ideally into different spreadsheets).  This could be either within the same form, or redirected to new typeforms

I've looked into hidden fields, redirects, etc. but I haven't found a particularly close match for our use case.  Could you advise me of best practice and the most effective way of achieving this?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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@cssaunders - welcome to the community from a fellow user

in my opinion, you could do this by connecting your typeform with a Google sheet, that allows for all the registration data to be ‘dumped’ onto the first tab - this is the default integration inside the google Sheet, you create separate tabs for each team and then use the arrayformula function in combination with some IF statements to pull the data for each specific team into ‘their’ sheet. 

that would give you a single tab for each team and one general input page. 

just a thought





Thank you for the idea @john.desborough, I hadn’t thought of that….initially I was looking to have separate forms so I could share individually with each team manager but, whilst a little more work to monitor centrally, this would certainly keep things tidy.

Another question has come up during this in fact - when it comes to payment, we have different registration fees for different age groups.  We’re giving the option of cash or card (I’ve used a logic jump to add a card payment screen) there any way I can simply have the amount on the payment screen dynamically change with a logic jump from the ‘which team’ question?  Or would I need to create a separate payment screen for each age group, and create logic jumps based on the ‘which team’ question?

If any of it is possible of course :)!

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@cssaunders - keep in mind that you could set up individual files for each coach and ‘pull’ their data from the central file and appropriate tab (ie Eagles tab from my earlier comment) out into the Eagles Sheet. 

just a thought


payment: just before you deliver the user to the payment page, maybe insert a statement page or a yes/no (go to payment with yes, cycle back with no????) that outlines the price that they will be charged. 

some thoughts/assumptions:

  • you can create a price_for_level_A variable (and for the other levels) if you are charging more for things like age group increases ie A for under 12s, B for u14, etc, with one price variable for each level
  • if you are only allowing one team registration transaction ie no one will want to register both a U12 and a U14 team (like i had to do when i was coaching my two children’s teams 15/16 years ago)  - if only one team/transaction you would not need to create the ‘iprice’ variable i mention below but if you did, you could employ the strategy (i use iprice so that i can bounce things in and out of adding up the total i want to charge folks in my tshirt sales typeform, and then pass it to price, so that i am not messing with the credit card variable too much) 

logic i have used like this is to create a variable called iprice and then, as you describe, use the IF team = Eagles (for example) or team = q3_responses (to select different level of team that corresponds to a price level) then add price_for_level_a variable to iprice and display iprice as what they will be charged. then if they say Yes, if you use yes no to advance them, then add iprice to price and that will show up on the payment page. 

this way you would have only one summary page before one payment page - and btw you can only have one payment question in a form. 


hope this is not too confusing.. 












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Hi @cssaunders Hope you’re doing well! Were you able to create the form with these suggestions? :grinning: