How to use the 'Other option' in a multi-language questionnaire

  • 19 September 2023
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Dear Typeform Team,

I set up a questionnaire with a logic that if a respondent is English, he will be send to the questions in English and if a respondente is Dutch, he will be send tot the questions in Dutch.

The issue occured that I wanted to add the option ‘Other’ for several multiple choice questions. Since you can choose only one language for the questionnaire itself, this option will appear OR in Dutch OR in English. There seems to be no solution to change the language per question/question group.

Could you please help me out?


Best regards,


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2 replies

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Hi @Michelle2023 Thanks for reaching out! While we don’t have a workaround for the automatic ‘other’ option (and I’ll share this feedback with the product team), you could manually type in “other” and show a short text question after to have them enter their response, if needed. 

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@Michelle2023 - i would recommend that you have your form start with the language choice and then redirect to a separate language version form for each of your options. 

here’s an example of linking to 3 different languages. 


that way each of your language forms will have all the prompts available in the selected language.