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  • 1 December 2021
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We would like to use Typeform to do live polling--essentially a one-question form which would show real-time results when a user responds.


As we understand it, this is not a feature right now, correct?


Can you let me know if this is on the road map to be completed?






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7 replies

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Hi @ShannonM Welcome to the community! You could share the report at the end of the form, which would show the results submitted previously. Would that work for you? :grinning:

Hmm.. technically that’s a workaround but we would like to just show them live.

Do you know if this is in the product roadmap at all?

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A similar solution came up recently in a conversation with the product team. Let us check internally to see if something is on the roadmap, it may not be exactly the same solution what you're looking for but harm in asking. 

Appreciate it!

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any progress on creating a live poll using TF? one where there are real-time results coming in for users to see?

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Hi @JRyan This isn’t a feature in our roadmap, but there are some other products out there that do a great job of this, such as Slido!

Dang, this is literally the one feature we wanted for our reader polls  🥺