One-time change of a question that occurs in many forms with the same structure

  • 17 January 2022
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Is it possible, for example, to change one question on several forms that have exactly the same structure so that it is changed on all other forms at the same time?

For example, I have 10 forms that have the same questions:

a. What is your name?
b. How old are you?
c. Where do you live?

And if I want to change question a. on all 10 forms, that I only have to do it once instead of on each of the 10 forms separately?



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4 replies

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@sumitnagpal - unfortunately typeform doesn’t have that functionality. it has been mentioned a number of times here in the community and has been passed along to the Product team at Typeform to (hopefully) add to the product development list someday. 




Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, you can download the respective JSON file, but I haven't found a way to upload it again somewhere. Is there a way to edit the JSON file and then upload it again somewhere? 

Would my the problem possibly possible with some integration? @john.desborough 

Alternatively, I have the question whether you can replace an existing form through the "Google Forms importer" or the "Google Docs importer" and thus edit it? It is important here that the URL is not changed by this....   

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Hi @sumitnagpal If you download the JSON, you could upload it again using the  Create API

As for the Google import, this will create a new form. It isn’t possible to replace an existing form with this feature.