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I’ve created an online survey but would also like to print in in word or pdf to be able to provide to individuals without cell phones, internet, etc. How can I print the actual survey (not results) OR do I have to recreate myself?


Liz 3 years ago

Hi @AnnieB thanks for stopping by! We don’t currently have a way to print the form, but your use case sounds really interesting. Out of curiosity, are you sharing the form with people in person? Or any more information you don’t mind providing would be great for me to share with the product team!

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Hi @PeterCBOgrants Oh! Thank you! This is super helpful. Do you have an example of how this has turned out for you? 

YES!! I also cannot believe that there is not an easy way to export just the questions and answer choices to Word or a Google Doc to folks who need to see them, but not on Typeform...looks like I am not the only one to feel that way. 

Adding a +1 to this functionality @Liz.  Qualtrics has the ability to export just the survey instrument (with all questions, answer choices, logic, etc.)  into a word doc or PDF and it has been invaluable for us in our survey design process.  IRB typically requires you submit an export of the questionnaire - not a google or word doc - to ensure that they are vetting what has actually been built out in a survey platform for distribution. 

Also it’s common to import what you think you’ll use as your survey but then make edits in typeform - which now no longer matches the original document.  Because the survey is what actually gets sent, that’s the record of truth and as such should be available for export.  

This is basic functionality that you can see from this thread is strongly desired for a variety of use cases.  Thank you.


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Didn't @picsoung demoed how to do this in the last Hack Together? CC @Liz 

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@Gabriel - um.. he started down a programmatic path to create it but did not get it to a point that most users could use as part of their platform .. i think he is planning to do a ‘part 2’ based on the comments i saw.. 



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SurveyMonkey has this feature (i.e., print out to paper or a PDF), and I think it is the quickest way of sharing a form with other stakeholders (i.e., customers, research partners and others who do not belong to the organization!), and getting their comments back before publishing the form. Also, it is trivial to scroll down a PDF file to see all items quickly and comment on them. The display of items in TypeForm (serial, with one item at a time, and one click to move to the next item) is unnecessarily costly and cumbersome interaction wise. I think improving all of this is a ‘low-hanging fruit’ usability-wise and journey-wise, and must be done.

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Hi @ICC-UANDES Thanks for popping by the community and sharing this. I’ll share this feedback with the product team. 😀

@PeterCBOgrants Thank you for this! 


Fantastic website indeed (ilovepdf) - gold mine!

Good morning @Liz - is there an update about this issue relative to the product development team having this on their roadmap for future implementation?  Thank you!

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This isn’t on the roadmap, @JCross2022 , but if that changes, we’ll post so here. 😀

Hi - checking on the Print Out option situation? 
Any options for this yet? 
We’re looking to accommodate the digitally excluded and included in our survey, hence the need case. 

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Hi @Peter Hutchison Thanks for stopping by. 😀 We don’t have any plans for supporting printing options, but definitely suggest using the workarounds mentioned previously on this thread, such as the one by @john.desborough 

I have created a Survey and would like to download it to PDF so that I can review the survey with a customer.  Is this possible?

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Hi @Decision Logic Thanks for stopping by the community! I moved your post here where we have an existing conversation about this. 😀

HI, please can you let me know if it is possible to save a survey into a pdf format?  Rather than having to screen shot each question and saving…


Hi @Liz just another voice for having a pdf printout for purposes of research and getting approval for sending it. Assuming there isn’t a printout feature yet?

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Hi @ninam I added your post here so you can follow along for any updates. 

@noramh I’m afraid not, and this isn’t currently planned. Of course, if anything changes, you’ll hear about it here in the community first!

Hi @Liz just another voice for having a pdf printout for purposes of research and getting approval for sending it. Assuming there isn’t a printout feature yet?

Yes to see the question has come up multiple times since this post started 3 years ago and Typeform has created an option, especially for paying customers, doesn’t seem to make much sense. 

I agree with the general wish here that there must be a way to convert the online questionnaire into a Word document or PDF. I still have so many older people here who are reluctant to take part in an online survey. We are excluding a large group here!
Can't you put this question back on your agenda?