Disable download button on the "Share all interactions" page?

Is there a way to disable the download button on the “Share all interactions” page? I’d love to share the video replies for the public to see, but don’t want it to be so easy for them to download and save the video.

I’ve looked all over but can’t find any settings to turn the download button off. Any tips would be great! Thanks!




Best answer by Grace 25 May 2022, 10:53

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Hi @cateach welcome to the community and thank you for your question! 😁

At the moment it’s not possible to remove the download option on the responses, it’s something that’s on our feature request board already so I’ve added a +1 to it and I’m passing this feedback on to the product team as I think it’s a really good request! 

Are you sharing responses via your website? Would be great to hear a bit more about your use case and if there are any workarounds I will let you know 🤞

@Grace  It’s been a year since your note on this feature is in development. Can we remove the Download button now? 

My use case: we have integrated video ask on our website to ger responses from candidates who apply to the job. Due to privacy concerns we do not want that any external recruiters added on to our platform should be able to download these videos. 

Additionally, I also request almost 3 to 4 months ago about having an option to remove marked items on the video as they have no meaning if we are not collecting any information from candidate throguh video ask platform. We are using variable to identify the candidate and bring their video back to platform to their respective records. Its cluttered and not needed.

Awaiting a positive response on this.


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Hi @meenal.malhtora thank you for sharing this, it’s really helpful. I’m going to share this with our product team so let me try to get you some more information on the feature request. 

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Hey @meenal.malhtora thanks for your patience. I had a chat with the product team and it’s not on the roadmap for this year to make changes to the shared response experience, but they have made a note of your feedback to take into consideration for improvements next year. 

I’m sorry I can’t put a time frame on this feature request at the moment, the team are working on some other projects right now that are taking priority but we definitely appreciate the feedback so we can understand what is going to be most useful to our customers as we keep developing VideoAsk.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts or ideas in the meantime and I will post here if anything changes.