[Livestream] (French) Discover new builders features with NoCodeFrance community

  • 4 February 2021
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Hey folks 👋

Just wanted to share an experiment we did today.

This morning I had the pleasure to join Alex from NoCodeFrance for a Twitch stream.
Alex runs biggest community around nocode in French.

We almost 3000 users, you are surrounded by other makers trying to push the boundaries to build awesome products.

On today’s show we talked about all the different new features released recently and showcased some examples.
This was quite an impromptu and improvised conversation, but we would love to do more shows like this, and in other languages.

Here is the video (in French):

Let me know what you think and if you host this type of conversation on your own channels :)



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This is a great conversation that they are having (yes I speak French as well, typical Canadian, eh!) but Nicolas should have the slogan “Je fais des apps “badass”” instead of the English version lol.. 

How strong is your presence in Quebec/Canadian Government??