Error with google Sheets Integration

  • 23 February 2021
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When I try to connect my typeform to google sheets it does not allow me to complete the process. 


I only get “oh no, there was an error” once I create the new spreadsheets. 


How can I get all the responses logged one by one different to Google Sheets? 



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29 replies

Does typeform has a WordPress integration? in form of an extension? 

If there is a way I would like to link typeform to my maheenandco wordpress projects. 

Hi, I have similar problem. The google sheets stop updating new submission to the form, so I try to disconnect and reconnect it again to existing google sheets -- yet it only copy the sheets without any entries. So I try to create a new one -- I could see the entries but I when I tested it with new submission, it would not record the new one. Please help?

Hi all - thanks for reporting this! We did have a brief outage that has been fixed. You can follow updates to any outages we have by subscribing to the Status Page here. 

If you do notice any further issues, please let me know, and I can take a peek into it for you!

Hi Liz,


I’m having the same problem today:


Oops!  Something went wrongThe sheet has the same name of the form, please change the form name or the sheet name.


Could you please check and let me know?