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  • 4 March 2021
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We currently implemented Salesforce integration in our Org.

We are having 2 main problems, if you can help me on any of these, i will be really grateful.

  1. If there is a problem with a response, a “typeform_error” record is created, showing you the problem with a status of “new”.  Initially, i tough that correcting the issue, then changing the typeform_error status to “resolved” and running the “Retrieve responses” process should re-process that records with an error, but those records just never get to Salesfoce.  This is a big issue if you are working with thousands of responses, and cannot be monitoring it so thight.  Is there a method to call the “sync” process on those “typeform_error” marked records? Maybe an APEX method we can call manually to address this?
  2. I’ve noticed some “invalid date” errors when getting responses with “date type fields”.  Really annoying because you cannot perform any correction on Salesforce to accept the record.  Maybe you could allow also map typeform “date” fields to Salesforce “text” fields.

The first one is the most imoprtant.  Please help!!!

Best regards, Jose


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Hi @joseurenayi thanks for stopping by!

To help answer your questions, 


  1. We sadly don’t have a way to push the records back into Salesforce using Apex or another method, but it would be better to get to the bottom of the issue. By chance, do you happen to have the ‘other’ field turned on for any of your questions? This has recently been causing some issues with our Salesforce integration. If you do, could I have you try switching that off to see if that stops the errors? 
  2. I’ve shared this with our developers. :) I’m not sure how easy it will be to add this or if possible, but if any changes are made, I can let you know in this thread. 

Let me know if anything else pops up with the integration!

Hi @Liz, the main request is more like, a method to “re-process” the responses marked with the error.  

I definitively agree on fixing the main issue that causes the error, but after you fix it, then how to get that failed response synced?

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Hi @joseurenayi The app will pull in new responses every hour or the specified time you’ve set, but you can also choose to “run now” to pull in the responses. Though, before doing this, I would definitely be sure to narrow down the source of the response failing! If you haven’t already, have you checked for the ‘other’ response?


Hi @Liz, yes i pressed the sync now as you can see on my first post.

Let me try to explain it in a more simple way.

You make a Typeform with 1 question, lets say “Are you happy?” and the options are “Yes/No”.

On Salesforce, other user created the picklist to receive the data, but instead of “Yes/No” used “True/False”.

Finish mapping, run the sync for 1 test response and it inmediatelly is marked as an error.

You fix it to match both Typeform and Salesforce, and then go on the integration and press the “Run now”.

That record wont be on Salesforce no matter what you do.  And with this example is just a meaningless 1 question 1 record error, but if the form is the “Bussiness Application Form” or something really important this creates a big problem.

There should be a place to check if it is possible to “re-try” that record with the error, or delete it from the errors so the sync process try to sync it again.

I run several integrations with an integrations platrform (Tibco) and not behing able to re-try error records is a bit misleading.

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Hi @joseurenayi Thanks for sending this! A re-try option would be very helpful. 

Adding @kabir.mathur here to see the feedback. 

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Thanks for the feedback @joseurenayi! I agree that this could be a useful feature to add. I’ll add this item to our backlog.