"ah-ha you've unlocked their secret" displayed insted of the Typeform

  • 16 August 2021
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I’m facing an issue with the integration of Typeform on Intercom, when we send the form, the client only sees "ah-ha you've unlocked their secret" with a presentation of Typeform. Can you help me to solve this issue ?

Typeform link: 

Displayed on Client side:

Thank you !


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8 replies

I am also experiencing this issue. I think it must be a problem with the integrations between typeform and intercom

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@Liz Sorry for the ping but I saw that you were helping on other questions, maybe you know how to solve this issue ? Thank you :smiley:

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Hi @ops_idea_drop @partenaires 

Sorry to see that you are facing issues with this integration.

Do you use custom links on you typeform by any chance?
ex: turn


if that’s the case, I would recommend to re-add the form to your flow, that would probably solve the issue.

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hey @ops_idea_drop @partenaires 
We isolated the issue and were able to provide a fix. You should not need to change anything on your existing flows.

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@picsoung Thanks a lot ! It seems working now :slight_smile: Have a nice day !

Hello !

I have the same probleme here, I am launching 2 typeforms with Intercom, on is working perfectly, for other one I have the “ah-ha you've unlocked their secret”

The one which is not working


Can you help us please @picsoung ? :)

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Hey @Romain 
I am sorry to hear you are experiencing the same issue.
Did you reach out to our support team:
It’s easier to debug things like this, because we would need your intercom workspace id, the id for your typeform, and it’s probably better to not share those details publicly in a form.

Once we receive it, we can act on it and find where the bug is coming from ;)

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Hi, same problem, I get a landing page when opening this url from a mobile. But other users get the survey. Why?