Respondents are getting an unknown error

Respondents keep getting this error on the last question “Sorry, something’s wrong. Refresh the page and try again. We’ll save any info you’ve already entered”

People are able to respond without any errors - but a few are reporting the error above no matter how many times they refresh the page.

How does one troubleshoot an unknown error??


Best answer by john.desborough 1 June 2022, 14:55

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@sidzen - i know this sounds a bit mundane, but if you ask them to clear the cache on their computers and try again? 

(at least it isn’t are you sure you are connected to the network?) 


i know that i go through so many browser tabs and sites in a given day that the cache sometimes a little love. 

just a thought -


same issue

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Hi @sidzen Were you able to give any of Des’s suggestions a try? Let us know if that solved the issue!

Our forms respondents are also reporting the same error. Some are able to overcome it by clearing their cache and/or cookies.  This error has started to appear by itself without any changes to the form.  How can this error be troubleshooted and resolved?

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We’ve also seen this problem suddenly arise from nowhere, and we’re getting lots of frustrated users as a result. 

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@Relief Staff Maestro @tom.harris Are you trying the solution above? How is the form being shared? Is it embedded? If you could share a link to your forms so we can test it, that would be very helpful. 

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It’s embedded, and lives here:

When I’ve tried, I don’t get the same error.  Here’s the screen my customers are getting: 


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Thanks, @tom.harris ! It’s possible we may have a bug about this, but the support team can look further into this for you. You can contact them from your account email here, and they’ll verify if it’s a bug or an issue with the form itself. 

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Hello @tom.harris! How are you doing today? Were you able to get in touch with our support like my friend Liz advised? 

I've just tested your form (feel free to delete my submission!) and everything seems to be working just fine. By the way, your form is great and the chance of talking about books as well! 😉 Feel free to send us some other forms you may have. I'd love to take a look at them and give you some feedback. 

Wishing you a great day!  

Hi! 👋 

I know it’s an older thread, but we have been reported the same issue by our users. 

Likewise, I don’t have issues on my end and no changes were made to the form, but the issue prevents some (more than a few) users from submitting the form.
I’ll advise clearing their cache and/or cookies but in the meantime, I wanted to ask if anyone here learned the best solution for it? 


Thank you! 🙏 

I’m getting people reporting this same problem, and in re-testing the survey on my end, I’ve now started receiving it too -- even after clearing cookies and flushing the cache.   

Hey, Typeform Support?  You do realize how unacceptable it is for us to be asking respondents to a short survey, to take those steps, go back, and re-take the survey, right?  Right?   And, FWIW -- two friends who have done so on my behalf STILL got the same error, even after flushing browser cache/clearing cookies.