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  • 14 August 2021
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Hi all,

The Sidetab embed is AMAZING.

Is there any way to style/customise so that:

  1. the button itself is transparent with a slight grey shadow effect on border as seen in the two images below


  2. text to change to #ff8500
  3. remove icon so that it is text only


Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Nordin 16 August 2021, 15:28

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3 replies

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Hello there, 

Currently you can’t change this on our platform settings but you can find the <a> element, target its class and give it some custom CSS but note that if someday we decide  to change the class name then your CSS would stop working

Let me know if that helps! 

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Thanks for responding Nordin.

Is there a page where we can make such recommendations and see who else may want these to prioritise any future developments?

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Hello Again,

Currently, we don’t have a page to create and track feature request. We do that internally when customers reach out to support by adding some tags to the tickets and creating some reporting, but we are working on it.