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  • 22 June 2023
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I am writing regarding the issue I'm facing while attempting to download my entire VideoAsk. I have recorded questions, received answers, on the platform. However, every time I try to download, I encounter a problem. The available options seem to download either:

- One individual video
- All of my videos (questions)
- All of the other person's videos (results)

What I actually want is to have a single, continuous video that includes everything - all the videos, questions, and answers - in the correct order as they appear on the website. This is how the concept was presented to me. Unfortunately, I believe there must be a solution to this problem, but I haven't been able to find it myself. If someone could kindly provide me with some guidance or pointers, I would greatly appreciate it. For reference I have the premium VideoAsk paying option.


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Hey @Eloise 😊

It’s not possible to download a continuous video with both questions and answers from VideoAsk. You would need to download your videos and responses and then stitch them together in a video editing tool if you want to create a running video of the interaction. 

It is something that’s on our feature request board, so I’ll add a +1 to it, and if you want to share any more info on how this could be useful for you we’d love to hear it!