Suggestion: VideoAsk Contacts 'CRM'?

  • 5 October 2021
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Hi all 👋

I have been using VideoAsk for a few months now and it has quick become my favourite tool to use for both my day job as a recruiter and my side hustle as a web designer. 

From a recruiter point of view, I wondered if it would be possible to expand on the Contacts section of the app - to be able to add contacts directly, rather than someone having to interact with a VideoAsk first?

For example at the moment, I create a VideoAsk for each candidate I interact with to introduce myself, them for applying and to offer the opportunity for them to ask any questions they might have before moving on to the next stage of the hiring process. (As a recruitment agency we pre-screen candidates to then pass on to the hiring manager for actual screening).

Most candidates will not interact with the VideoAsk to the point of them needing to submit details which will then add them into my ‘Contacts’. This means that if I was then to want to send another VideoAsk, I would have to create a fresh one and send that in an email. Ultimately creating a whole load of single VA’s.

I thought to be able to add a contact manually - and then be able to send them a VideoAsk directly to keep it all under one thread as if it where a continual conversation as if they had interacted, it would make it a lot more streamline.

I hope that makes sense (I tend to waffle!) and welcome any thoughts/feedback. I appreciate this also may not be doable too!




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Hi Mark!
This is a great feature request, especially now we have the direct message feature allowing you to send a message to a contact without creating a new videoask. I believe this is already on the feature request board so I’m going to add a +1 to it, and hopefully it’s something we can look at as we continue developing.

In the meantime have you tried changing the positioning of your contact form to try and encourage candidates to leave their contact details earlier so if they don’t complete the videoask you can still reach out to them with a follow up message?