Testimonial deletion by participants

  • 2 August 2022
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Hello! I’m seeing a few testimonial entries (empty) in my account with the following message: The questions answered by this contact have been deleted.

Is it possible for a contact/participant to completely delete their answers from a Videoask form after providing their answers?

Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Grace 3 August 2022, 16:03

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4 replies

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Hey @Jennifer Lussier thanks for stopping by!

It’s not possible for a respondent to delete their answers, it would have to be deleted by someone with access to the VideoAsk account. 

Is it just yourself that uses the account, or do you have other team members collaborating with you?

Hi Grace,

Thank you for your answer! That’s what I thought, but I wanted confirmation! I’m not the only person with access to our Videoask account so I’ll be asking around internally!

Have a wonderful day!

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You’re welcome @Jennifer Lussier hope you get to the bottom of the mystery! 

Have a good day too 😊

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Hey, Jennifer! Grace from the VideoAsk support team here.

I might be a little late, but I wanted to let you know about another possible scenario that can cause this particular message to display.

Does the first step (or steps) in your videoask use the button answer type? If you have a step where you’re skipping data collection (which is usually the case with button answer types), there can be cases where the respondent starts the videoask, enters their contact details but then abandons the videoask without submitting any responses. In these cases, an interaction appears in your account (because we’ve collected contact details) but because we haven’t collected any responses, that message displays. The wording doesn’t quite fit this scenario, so we’ve got plans to improve that in the future to avoid confusion.

Does this sound like it could be the case for you? I wanted to share as it might be that no responses were received, not that someone in your team deleted the responses.

Hope that helps! Let me know if anything needs clarifying.