Sending survey to emails

  • 15 June 2021
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Does anyone know how I can send a typeform to multiple emails? I tried dowloading a marketing tool like they said but it is too confusing. All I want to do is send the typeform directly to peoples emails so that they can click through it.

Also, how do you send a preview of what the survey would look like to yourself? All I am able to use is the copy link.


1 reply

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@CocoKarina - welcome to the community from a fellow user

where do you have all your email addresses? if they are in your contacts list in your email system (gmail, or outlook) you can simply bcc all the folks on an email and paste the ‘share’ link into the email message along with a note from yourself

if you want to automatically capture their email address in the typeform without having to ask for it in the form, you will have to look into hidden fields and get the added to the typeform link as a hidden field (there are help articles here that talk about that). though you would have to do that one at a time

alternative: if you have all the email addresses in a spreadsheet like Google Sheets, you can merge the typeform url and the required string for the hidden field with email address into a single field in the google sheet. You could then use a Google add on like Document Studio to create a custom email to send the message to the email address (selecting that field in the send to block) and then inserting the merged fieldname into the body of the email that is created to send. You can then send the email to all the recipients at once .. means a little research on how it is done, but if you search in this community forum on “document studio” you will find some threads that talk about that. 

as for previewing the form look in the upper right for an eyeball icon - next to the publish button - that is the preview and you can see it both in desktop and mobile formats

hope this helps