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  • 8 April 2021
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This should say: BREATHE not BREATH



Best answer by eric.johnson 8 April 2021, 18:54

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3 replies

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Thanks a lot @Jeroen van LAB-3 you win our typo treasure hunt trophy :trophy:  Sorry, there's not really a trophy, but we are really grateful!

Could you let us know where exactly you saw the offending copy - was it in an email or on one of our web pages? would you mind sharing the link (or subject line if it's from an email)? 


Adding our content sheriff @eric.johnson to the topic so he can correct and give the guilty writer a stiff talking to :cop:

Thanks for the sharp eye @Jeroen van LAB-3 !

I think we’ve tracked it down and made the update here.

We can all breathe tranquilly now :)

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Our lungs can all be happy now!