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🌍 Typeform of the Month: Active Youth's CO2 emissions calculator

🌍 Typeform of the Month: Active Youth's CO2 emissions calculator
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Hey there, Typeform enthusiasts! Welcome to our brand-new series, "Typeform of the Month." We're excited to kick things off by featuring an incredible case study from Active Youth, an organisation that has taken Typeform to new heights in promoting sustainability.


Here we explore their journey and learn how they're using Typeform to calculate CO2 emissions and engage visitors in a unique way.


👥 Meet Gedas Kondrackis

Gedas Kondrackis, Director of Active Youth, is an ex-entrepreneur turned climate activist and Baltic Sustainability Awards Changemaker. He and his team run a climate museum in the Baltics, among other remarkable projects. Passionate about making a difference, they set out to tackle the challenge of accounting for the CO2 emissions generated by their Museum's visitors.


Gedas Kondrackis, Director of Active Youth


💚 Powering Sustainability with Typeform


Active Youth chose Typeform as their go-to solution for its simplicity and powerful features. They envisioned a typeform that would not only facilitate CO2 accountability but also inspire visitors to choose sustainable travel options. The result? A masterfully designed typeform completed in about 15 seconds, providing a quick and convenient experience. Here's a peak:



💡 Empowering visitors to calculate their CO2 impact


By incorporating Typeform's advanced logic and calculator features, Active Youth's typeform calculates the total travel CO2 emissions of their museum's visitors. This data is then reported to the public, enhancing transparency and accountability.

The impact has been astounding, with 99% of visitors' travel CO2 accounted for. Moreover, this innovative solution has the potential to be adopted by event organizers worldwide, helping them reduce their carbon footprint.


Visitors to the climate museum in Vilnius, Lithuania are able to appreciate the impact they are having on the Planet.


🎯 Making a difference


What sets Typeform apart, according to Gedas, is its simplicity and stunning design. The CO2 check-in experience has been a hit with the museum's visitors, who appreciate the unique and engaging approach.


"The audience was super positive about our CO2 check-in. Frankly, they haven't seen anything like this before" – Gedas  Kondrackis, Director of Active Youth 


A huge thanks to Gedas and Active Youth for their incredible work and for using Typeform in such an innovative way. Their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to promoting change through technology is an inspiration to us all!


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Very cool - well done Gedas and team!  Both for the work that you are doing and the quiz. pretty cool little calculation 



Thanks for a feature of our CO2 calculator! 

While this is really a small step towards more transparency, it’s an easy one. Give it a try & let us know 

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Love the new feature @James and welcome to the community @Gedas thanks for sharing your story with us! 💚

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If you want to learn more about Active Youth and their Typeform solution I heartily recommend sitting down and reading @Msquared ‘s great blog article here:

Once again, kudos to you @Gedas and team – so much admiration for what you’re doing and we’re honoured that Typeform has played a least a small part in your quest 🌳