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Plan baby shower games & ideas using VideoAsk 👶

  • 15 February 2023
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Plan baby shower games & ideas using VideoAsk 👶
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Hey Community 👋


I always enjoy hearing about the different ways people are using VideoAsk, and it’s especially interesting to hear about some of the more “niche” use cases. 


I was recently chatting to some fellow VideoAsk creators, and it turned out two of them had used VideoAsk to help plan and organize a baby shower 🍼 


They had some great ideas of ways to incorporate the product into the party planning process, so I thought I would share them here in our community. 


Video keepsake

First up, is a one-step videoask, suggested by @Liz  that asks friends and family to share a video message with the parents-to-be. You can share the inbox with them as a keepsake, or download the videos and stitch them together using something like iMovie, so the parents have a memory to watch back.


📹 Here’s what Liz shared with her family during lockdown:

(This videoask has been set to preview mode so your answers won’t be submitted)




You could share the videoask before the baby shower, or even during the event. It’s a great way to collect messages from people that can’t attend in person but would still like to share some love 💞 


Guess the baby


For this one, you need to send the videoask out ahead of time to collect your responses from everyone that’s attending the shower. 


Use the videoask to ask a couple of questions related to the guest's childhood which can act as clues and then ask them to upload a photo of themselves as a baby to the final step. (pro tip: remind them not to include their name in the file name!)


Then at the shower you can all have some fun guessing who’s who based on the clues and the photo! 


📹 Test out our example here:

(This videoask is set to preview mode, so answers won’t be submitted)




When you play this at a baby shower you can either go through the responses via the VideoAsk inbox, or if you have a bit more time you could download the answers and create something like a slideshow to present the game to your guests. 




Guess the celebrity baby


💡 A bonus idea from @suzieq , she used Typeform to create a celeb baby guessing game, check it out:




Parent trap


And finally, we have a fun take on the classic game Mr & Mrs designed by @suzieq (Remember that one? Where you ask both partners a series of questions separately, and then find out whether those answers match up?)


Create a videoask that asks a series of baby/parenting related questions. Send the videoask to the dad-to-be (This works best if they’re not attending the baby shower). Then during the party you get to ask the same set of questions to the mom, this time live, and then play back the answers collected via the videoask to see if they match.


📹 Here’s the example videoask:

(Don’t worry, this videoask is set to preview mode so your answers won’t be submitted)




We’ve set the answer type to include video or text for this example, to make it easier for you to test, but we think video only would be the best option here to make it more fun.


VideoAsk top tips


📽️ We’ve used stock videos from the Pexels library in most of these examples, but for a more personal touch you could record yourself all asking the questions. 


🧡 You can edit any of the colors, fonts and text prompts to better suit your videoask and of course you can play around with the number of steps you include and types of questions you ask.


Here are some handy Help Center guides for creating videoasks and downloading responses:



Check out our guide on how to create a virtual wedding guest book using VideoAsk for more inspiration 💍


Why not get creative and use VideoAsk for other special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries 🎉


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awesome work @Grace - you and the rest of Team Typeform did a great job on this.. it’s a cool use case.. 



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Thanks @john.desborough 😊 always nice to hear of different ways people are using VideoAsk and Typeform!

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It definitely made my cousin’s virtual baby shower during the pandemic much more meaningful!