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Videoask of the month: December 2023 ✨

  • 5 December 2023
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Videoask of the month: December 2023 ✨
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the final videoask of the month for 2023! 🎉


Entrepreneur and Founder of The Clever, Hazel Quimpo, got in touch to tell us about an exciting new project she has developed called The Clever Marketing Machine

The machine uses VideoAsk, Zapier and ChatGPT to automatically generate a personalized marketing strategy for the participant.


Check it out:

(The videoask is set to preview mode, so answers won’t be submitted)




Hazel has embedded the videoask in a landing page alongside an outline of a script to follow. This helps people stay on topic and give relevant information while speaking in a natural language.



Once you’ve answered the questions, Zapier sends the response to ChatGPT for analysis which uses the VideoAsk transcript to pull the information together into a structured document.

You then get emailed a slide deck that maps out a free marketing strategy based on your input:



Hazel explained why she decided to use VideoAsk to collect the information:



This is a really elegant and inventive way of creating a lead magnet. This free document allows Hazel to showcase what The Clever team can do in a really short space of time, and will encourage participants to check out the other services that they offer. 


A massive thanks to Hazel for letting us share the solution! If you are an intrigued marketer or solopreneur, I definitely recommend giving The Clever Marketing Machine a try and seeing how it can help with your strategy for 2024! 🚀

For more information on what The Clever team are up to, check out the website here and you can find Hazel on LinkedIn here🌟

5 replies

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@Grace - brilliant! this is a very good use case that can help many entrepreneurs get their ‘next year’ in order…. 

well done Hazel!



Happy to be featured! And been really pleased with using this as my main input for new client onboarding these days. It’s pretty damn magical. 

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Couldn’t agree more @john.desborough!

And thank you so much for chatting with me @Hazel Q at The Clever, great to have you here in the community! 🤗

This is a very cool idea.  I have a couple of thoughts:

  1. I go to the website to go through the steps and there are parts that do not work.  The scripts do not appear at all and when I get to the end it says final step confirm a few things and then nothing.  The page is blank after that and I don’t get emailed anything.  I also navigated through your main website and there are a lot of broken links.  Half of your navigation doesn’t work.
  2. @Grace would it be possible to create a step-by-step on how to create something like this and show the steps of linking zapier and chatgpt and getting the delivery of the final slide deck?
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Hey @Lifetime Of Knowledge thanks for flagging this - we’re checking with Hazel and The Clever team to see if they’re working on any updates that would be causing the missing bits. Will keep you posted!