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Videoask of the month: November 2023 🦉

  • 2 November 2023
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Videoask of the month: November 2023 🦉
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Hi everyone,


Are you ready for the penultimate videoask of the month for 2023?



November’s videoask was created by Founder of productivity solution, Contact Owl, Steven Tann. Steven has put together an impressive videoask to showcase Contact Owl to visitors and potential new clients. 


Check it out:

(This videoask is set to preview mode so answers won’t be submitted)




What’s the use case?


The primary function of the videoask is to demo the product. It also acts as an FAQ for potential customers, and ultimately it leads to a sign up page so anyone that’s invested and ready to start using Contact Owl can skip straight to the payment page 🚀


Where can I find it?

You can find the videoask embedded on the On demand Video page of the Contact Owl website:



The videoask is embedded as an iframe on the web page – learn more about iframe embeds here.

If you navigate around the Contact Owl website you will also notice a videoask floating in the bottom right corner of the page. Steven has created a second videoask and embedded it as widget to welcome visitors and help them navigate the website.




This videoask has been made using the following features



The logic work on this videoask is pretty impressive! There are a lot of different multiple choice options to choose from, and each time you do there is always a way to get back to the main menu and pick another area to explore. 


Steven was kind enough to share a screenshot of the logic map and as expected it’s pretty wild - you can see all the logic lines connecting the different steps:



It was a lot to set up, but now that it’s done it means Steven can be connecting with customers from all over the world without needing to continuously jump on sales calls.

A big thank you to Steven for letting us share this videoask with our community. If you’re interested in learning more about Contact Owl check out the website here. 🦉


Do you have an awesome videoask you would like to share? Send it to us via this videoask and we could be featuring you as videoask of the month very soon! 🙌

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@Grace - excellent example.. and well done to Steven and Contact Owl!




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Thanks @john.desborough, agree! It’s probably one of the most impressive bits of logic I’ve seen!