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[VideoAsk Voyagers 🛸] Meet the founder growing an online health program using VideoAsk

  • 25 January 2023
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[VideoAsk Voyagers 🛸] Meet the founder growing an online health program using VideoAsk
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Hey Community, Happy New Year and welcome to another episode of VideoAsk Voyagers! 🚀


Just before the holidays we caught up with CFS Recovery founder, Miguel Bautista. Miguel suffered for many years from chronic fatigue syndrome and decided to use all the tools he learned for recovery to create a program to help other people that are going through a similar experience. 


Miguel and his team have been leveraging VideoAsk in a number of ways, including lead qualification and collecting video diaries from clients to better engage them in the program.


They also have some handy integrations set up to help with automation which are great for saving time when you’re a small but mighty team! 💪




“If you can get [people] more involved in the program and you can increase that interaction, that back and forth, you’re more likely to retain the client or give them an overall better experience.” - Miguel Bautista



During the conversation we talked about:

  • The power of video content, especially when you are the face of your brand

  • Using Zapier to set up automated workflows to save time 

  • Thinking about your marketing and sales funnel to create an engaging customer experience


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Thanks so much to Miguel for taking the time to chat to us, and sharing all his ideas and learnings so far. 💙


If you are interested in learning more about CFS Recovery, or know someone that would benefit from chatting to Miguel and his team, check out the website here or head over to their YouTube channel for more information.


 ⚡️ And if you’re looking for more inspiration, why not watch one of the other episodes in our VideoAsk Voyagers series 🛸

6 replies

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Great interview @Grace 😀 Bravo to Miguel for thinking beyond the ordinary and finding some interesting ways to engage customers in a human way at scale!

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@Grace @James - i agree this is a great interview.. excellent thinking and implementation Miguel!

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@Grace @James - i totally agree.. excellent interview and i really take my hat off to Miguel for what he has implemented. Bravo sir!



This was awesome info. Thank you.

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Glad it was helpful @Al Morentin thanks for watching 😁

It was totally helpful awesome info... thank you typeform