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[VideoAsk Voyagers 🛸] Meet the mental health startup that’s using VideoAsk to provide messages of hope

  • 9 June 2022
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[VideoAsk Voyagers 🛸] Meet the mental health startup that’s using VideoAsk to provide messages of hope
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Hello and welcome to the next addition of VideoAsk Voyagers! 🛸


🍿 In this episode we caught up with John Ostler, CEO of @UnicornRoad and Ariana Gibson, CEO and Founder of new mental health startup - Stigma.

We discover Ariana’s inspiration for creating the Stigma community and how by leveraging the VideoAsk API documentation John and his team were able to quickly build the app, which offers hope to mental health sufferers through a crowd-sourced video messaging experience.



During the conversation we talked about:


  • Using the API documentation to define how to customize VideoAsk within the app

  • Leveraging custom variables to streamline processes and make the most out of contact collection

  • The importance of inclusivity and privacy 

  • Feedback from users and how being able to move quickly has helped build a community of support




"Your key strength as a startup is that you're lightning fast and you can outmanoeuvre everyone. You're not a 10,000 pound gorilla that needs to go through a bunch of teams to get anything done." - John



Learn more


If you’d like to find out more about some of the features we talked about in this episode, check out some of our available resources:


A massive thank you to Ariana and John for giving up their time to talk to us about this incredible project 💚


⭐️  Ariana and the team are on a mission to normalize talking about mental health. Join the Stigma community here if you would like to give or receive a message of hope.


⭐️ And if you need help launching your startup, John and the team @UnicornRoad are always happy to have a chat about new projects - check out the website here for more info.


🛸 VideoAsk Voyagers will be jetting off again soon, crossing the galaxy to bring you more epic tales from VideoAsk creators. Got a fascinating story you’d like to share? Tell us about it here and you never know, we may be cruising by to share your adventures with the rest of the world!

8 replies

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wow.. looking forward to watching this!

it’s an extremely relevant topic as well as cool use of the technology



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I think you’re going to like this one @john.desborough really inspiring to see how this project has developed!

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Thanks for the opportunity to share with the community, @Grace !


If any of you have more detailed questions about the implementation, feel free to reach out!

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Thoroughly enjoyed our chat @UnicornRoad looking forward to getting it out there! 😁

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@UnicornRoad @Grace - this was a great conversation. Well done John and Ariana.. 

tremendous impact to come from what you have put together. 



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@john.desborough glad you enjoyed it! 

A big thank you again to Ariana and John for agreeing to share their story with us 😍 it will live on here in the Community for anyone to watch any time! 📺

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VideoAsk Voyagers 👍

Thank you, John Ostler, for your inspiring work as the CEO of UnicornRoad and to Ariana Gibson, CEO and Founder of Stigma, for creating a meaningful impact in the mental health space through the innovative use of the VideoAsk API documentation