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Workspace Invaders: Meet the online booking form revolutionizing a government registration service

  • 2 April 2024
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Workspace Invaders: Meet the online booking form revolutionizing a government registration service
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Hey Community 👋


Last year the folks in Mid Ulster, Northern Ireland District Council decided to over-turn their time-consuming registration process which involved a lot of phone calls, PDF forms and emails. They enlisted the help of Tom Styles, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tailwind Digital, and after careful consideration created a seamless, easy-to-use online booking system, which just so happens to rely on some Typeform and Calendly magic! 


In this episode I chat to Tom about his project with Mid Ulster District Council.


"We wanted to build an experience that was custom made and tailored for each user," said Tom.


The team faced a significant challenge in automating the complex registration process, but with the help of Typeform, Calendly and a very cool custom made address look-up widget, they were able to build a personalized user-friendly booking experience.


📺 Watch the full story streaming live Wednesday April 3rd 11am ET:




“Typeform provides something that on the user interface front and on that personalized user journey front, it just kind of aces everything" - Tom Styles



What we learned:

  • The challenges faced by the registration team and the complexities that needed to be considered before making any changes.
  • How they integrated Typeform with Calendly to create a personalized booking form.
  • How the introduction of the digital solution significantly improved the registration process and user experience – over 90% of people now book on mobile devices.


Check out these resources for more inspiration:


Thanks so much to Tom for taking the time to share this story, we’re excited to see what Tailwind Digital does next! If you have any questions for @Tom Styles, don’t forget to drop them in the comments below. 

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@Grace - I’ll bring the popcorn..this will be a good one!