Is there any way to programatically retrieve form data in a table like format? (excel, csv, google sheets, python dataframe etc)

  • 16 October 2021
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I’ve tried using webhooks/polling the API and building the parser to convert it sounds like a project in itself, building it from scratch then trying to optimize the code to work reliably and efficiently.


Also the parser sounds like it’s going to need significant processing power, a solution that doesn’t require spinning up a cloud VM is more ideal for me.


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Hi @azadea Welcome to the community! I hope you had a great weekend. Our APIs won’t export the data in a table-like format, so you would need to write your own code for this. 

@mathio have you happened to see anyone with a solution like this? 

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Hello @azadea and @Liz .

Unfortunately I dont have experience with this. My best bet would be to either export results manually or integrate with Google Sheets.

For programmatic access I think there is only our Responses API. I think you should be able to parse it in a few lines of code. Required processing power would depend on the number of results you have, but since you are already retrieving data programmatically I think in most cases the machine running your script should be sufficient to convert the JSON into CSV or other table format.

However it might be a nice feature to have the Responses API endpoint return data in other format than JSON - for example CSV.