what they meanning by " 100 mins of video or audio processing per month "

  • 24 September 2022
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please , I want help to understand “what they meanning by " 100 mins of video or audio processing per month "” 


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Hi @mansour Happy Monday! Happy to see you here. 😀 Don’t forget to choose the VideoAsk category when you have any questions about VideoAsk to get the fastest help!

The 100 minute limit means that, amongst all of your VideoAsks, your account will allow up to 100 minutes total of video or audio. So, if you have one form that has collected 50 minutes of video responses and another that has collected 50 minutes of audio and video, you would be reaching your limit. 

You can learn more about how to check your current usage and upgrading your plan here

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Hi @mansour, great question!

Processing minutes = Minutes of audio/video content that you/your team uploads + minutes of audio/video content that your respondents upload

Here’s an example:

You’re creating a new videoask campaign. The videoask has five steps, and you record a one-minute video for each step. (5 minutes used)

You share the videoask and responses start rolling in. You receive 20 responses. You receive ten audio responses, which are 30 seconds each. (5 minutes used) You also receive twenty video responses, each is one minute. (20 minutes used)

You want to reply back to a few respondents, so you pick ten of them and reply back with a one-minute audio or video message. (10 minutes used)

In this example, you would have used a total of 35 processing minutes. Put simply, processing minutes are the sum of audio or video content that you and your respondents upload.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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When we have paid for an annual plan, do we only have one limit? 1200 minutes per year.

Yes, you say that we also have a 100 minutes per month limit, but you do not show our monthly usage so there is no way we can track that, nor do we understand what would happen if we exceed the monthly limit but stay with the year.

Thanks in advance for clarifying.


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Hi @RICK VAN NESS - that’s correct. If you’re on an annual plan, you have access to all 1,200 minutes upfront. You can distribute those minutes in any way you’d like over the course of the year.

For example, if you’re running a holiday campaign and expect to use the majority of your minutes in the next two months, you can do that without being capped at 100 minutes/month. 

If you exceed your annual limit at any point, the respondent experience will not be disrupted. Respondents will still be able to navigate through your videoasks and record responses. You just won’t see the new responses appear in your inbox until A) your plan renews, or B) you add more minutes to your account.

I hope this helps clarify! Let me know if you have any further questions.