[ CLOSED ] Feedback Wanted: Partial Responses Feature

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We’ve closed the form for collecting feedback. Thanks to all who participated! 

I know you have ALL been waiting for one feature in particular…collecting partial responses. If your respondent starts the form but leaves before submitting, their data isn’t saved to your Results panel. Our product team is looking to capture that information so you don’t lose it, and they’ve started conducting research on how best to approach this feature within Typeform. To do this, they need your feedback!




Fill out the form here to let the product team know you’re interested in helping them shape partial responses in Typeform. (It only takes 3 minutes!) Selected respondents will be chosen and offered at $75 giftcard for taking part in a 1 hour video chat (at most).


Any questions? Let us know in the thread below. 



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I’m in!



Has this feature been implemented? I love Typeforms UI but am currently exploring other options and considering leaving based on the lack of this feature (not being able to get data from abandoned forms – or even worse, forms where participants forgot to click the final “Submit” button which can be confusing to some.) Would love an update! Exciting to hear that the dev team is finally implementing this long requested feature.

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Hi @chelseanicole Our product team is currently going through the research process with the folks that filled out the form above. We don’t have any updates on this feature yet, but if we do, we’ll post them here. 😀

Important feature!


Any update about this feature?



Hey team,

Could you give us an update on this? We’re launching a survey to a large audience soon so would be great to know if we should hold off for another week or 2 in case we want partial responses.


Not sure how your dev team works and what they’re working on, but on our side we’re hoping this feature is on the top of your list and only takes them 1-2 sprints 😅


Thanks in advance for any update that helps us with expectation management

Sorry I forgot, might be good to tag @Liz in this - very new to the Typeform community forum 😅


Also, the link in the original message now goes straight to setting up a videocall and the offer of a $75 gift card - I’d be happy to get on a call but I’d much rather have the partial feedback feature than the gift card, so please just let me know here how far you’re at before we plan a videocall 😄

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Hi @Anonymous123 We’ve closed the feedback form, but if we have any updates on the partial response feature, we’ll post them here. 😀

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Any update?

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Hi @jeremielp Not at this time, but if there are updates, we’ll post about them here. 😀

Hi @Liz one question, when there is a partial response, is the progress at least saved on the respondent side? I need to know this because we want to do an application process through Typeform, in which applicants submit text responses to question + documentation requested, but I don’t want to do it through Typeform if it does not save the progress done by the respondent. For example, if he/she does another task, close the internet, has a problem and reset his computer, or simply wants to continue working on the submission form another day. We do not need data of partial responses on our side, but confirmation that progress is saved on the respondent side.

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Hi @dfvalenzuela Our article here has more information on how partial data is collected. 😀

Hi. When will partial completion be implemented? I was under the impression that it had but now that I bought the business plan I can see it hasn’t. If it’s not going to be implemented soon then I’d like to request a refund. As it has been 10 months since work on the feature has started I’m naturally skeptical that it will be done soon. Looking forward to hearing from you.