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Get a free Professional subscription with the Github Student Developer Pack

  • 15 June 2021
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Get a free Professional subscription with the Github Student Developer Pack
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Hello Community! Happy Tuesday everyone :D 


Today I'd like to share something cool we've been working on for a while: We are partnering with GitHub for their Github Student Pack and we are giving a 1 year free Professional subscription to anybody that qualifies as a student on Github. Awesome, right? 


If you qualify and haven't got your coupon yet, here is how to redeem it:

  1. Make sure that your Github account is set to “Student”

  2. Log out of your Github account completely

  3. Go on

  4. Authorize app on your Github account

  5. oAuth to your typeform account

  6. Get redirected to a checkout page to upgrade

  7. Apply the discount and Ggv2cYXeHkRtIaIqnhycSPekGr6n0cfBPuDp0seYRMBRyX-bZgSv53mNpZ-oho29WE8Fewtx3Vo7q6t-rnLxH2YU5q1SVYnRfdVD-BEilyu56_XT5_ZEMaLz5cV8K47ByjKbyzc


Keep in mind that this is a subscription, so it is set to automatically renew. If you do not wish to get charged next year, please be sure to cancel the subscription before the next renewal.


P.S.:  in case you don't qualify as a student on Github but you are a student, we also have a different kind of discount for you! Please check here for more information. 


We hope this is helpful. Enjoy! :-) 


Have a great week!

2 replies

Even if i didn have a credit card my I used only for 1 years?


Mariana Hi,

I couldnt authorize my typeform account to github. Could you please help me on the issue?


Thanks a  lot