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Get a free Professional subscription with the Github Student Developer Pack

  • 15 June 2021
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Get a free Professional subscription with the Github Student Developer Pack
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Hello Community! Happy Tuesday everyone :D 


Today I'd like to share something cool we've been working on for a while: We are partnering with GitHub for their Github Student Pack and we are giving a 1 year free Professional subscription to anybody that qualifies as a student on Github. Awesome, right? 


If you qualify and haven't got your coupon yet, here is how to redeem it:

  1. Make sure that your Github account is set to “Student”

  2. Log out of your Github account completely

  3. Go on https://product.typeform.com/github/

  4. Authorize app on your Github account

  5. oAuth to your typeform account

  6. Get redirected to a checkout page to upgrade

  7. Apply the discount and Ggv2cYXeHkRtIaIqnhycSPekGr6n0cfBPuDp0seYRMBRyX-bZgSv53mNpZ-oho29WE8Fewtx3Vo7q6t-rnLxH2YU5q1SVYnRfdVD-BEilyu56_XT5_ZEMaLz5cV8K47ByjKbyzc


Keep in mind that this is a subscription, so it is set to automatically renew. If you do not wish to get charged next year, please be sure to cancel the subscription before the next renewal.


P.S.:  in case you don't qualify as a student on Github but you are a student, we also have a different kind of discount for you! Please check here for more information. 


We hope this is helpful. Enjoy! :-) 


Have a great week!

2 replies

Even if i didn have a credit card my I used only for 1 years?


Mariana Hi,

I couldnt authorize my typeform account to github. Could you please help me on the issue?


Thanks a  lot