[Meaningful Mondays] Be your market's role model

  • 18 May 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Be your market's role model
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Not much to say that’s not said in the video. I think there’s many ways to unpack this…



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@paul - that’s a pretty astute and deep observation. It’s one hell of a challenge - not only on a personal level but at an organizational level. Tie it back to culture and ingrain it. From “before day one” for an employee through to attracting and retaining clients, through to growing your own business by helping others grow theirs (using your products and/or your wisdom) …. 

I should not watch these before trying to sleep .. lol.. now the 7 other voices in my head are going for coffee and a discussion on this.. 

thanks for being a thought provoker!



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Great thoughts and take aways, @paul ! The importance and value of brand (personal or business) should be trained to everyone at an early age. I think being a role model in your market is important and the messages we deliver every day - online and in person - are a representation of our brand. Making sure each moment reinforces what we stand for and the marketing/company we support is a vital piece to a brand’s success.

As people become less loyal to companies, building a brand becomes more difficult. Focus on your personal brand then if you are going to work for someone else, make sure you’re personal brand aligns with and supports that of the organization you are considering for employment. 

Thanks for the thought provoking question even though I’m responding on Tuesday :)