[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 3: Benjamin Zander

  • 20 July 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 3: Benjamin Zander
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Hey y’all. A little late on this one, but we’re back with episode 3. I did an interview with Bejamin Zander a few months back. Here are the reasons I wanted to interview him (besides his zest for life)



And pleased to present to you, Maestro Benjamin Zander (full interview below)



Enjoy 🎶

4 replies

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@paul - thanks for posting this! .. i have been watching the teasers and waiting for this to come out! 

he’s a very interesting human being and I am looking forward to watching the interview. 


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@john.desborough just posted the full video! :grin:

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This is gold. Thanks @paul , maestro Zander and @Liz for embedding the video. 

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This is really inspiring, @paul ! Loved watching this and definitely need to read the book now!