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[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 5: Chris Walker

  • 30 August 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 5: Chris Walker
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Hey all,

We just dropped the Chris Walker episode. If you don’t know who he is, then it’s my pleasure to introduce him to you. Chris is what I’d call a next-level marketer, someone who has his fingers on the pulse of the market, is agile enough to respond accordingly, and is constantly looking for ways to innovate in the space.

If you want to do great marketing, watch this episode and immediately follow him on LinkedIn, because he gives it all away there. Hope you all enjoy:



2 replies

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Great discussion! my big takeaways

  • know your customers and your markets - stay engaged
  • learn by doing .. sometimes things that are NOT in your sweet spot
  • data is good - leads are not always the best the best metrics.. what are the leading indicators of success and start focusing on how you can move THOSE needles rather than focusing on lagging indicators 

note: I had to chuckle cuz i had written these point before Paul’s summary at the end and the first two points above line up with @paul and his words of wisdom at the end. 

Great session @paul - this was a very insightful conversation and some great points to take on board. 

Thanks again for another fab interview



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Always learning, learning by doing, change the metrics… I got a lot to process this week.

Thank you @paul! That was a really meaningful interview!