[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 8: David Aaker

  • 2 November 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Episode 8: David Aaker
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At a higher level, the show is about brand. There are many components that make up a meaningful brand, but few understand this at the level of David Aaker. David’s written 17 books on brand, and an 18th is on its way. It’s rare to sit with someone with such a depth of knowledge and understanding on a topic area, and all the intricacies of becoming meaningful deliberately (yes, you as a solo or as an employee can do this).

The Professor seamlessly weaves the core pillars of a meaningful brand (functional, personal, and collective benefits) into this conversation because he gets what a meaningful brand is at its core.

It was an honor to meet the humble Professor, and it’s my honor to share the episode with you:



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@paul - the Professor is legend!

a really great discussion on disruptive innovation and the acceleration today… and how all that impacts brand today. My takeaways:

  • brand is an asset
  • litmus test for a good business strategy = can you build a brand strategy from and to support the business strategy? if you can’t go back and rework your biz strategy
  • a good brand strategy will tell you a lot about the company culture and what it stands for (pardon the grammar) 

I read his “Managing Brand Equity” and “Building Strong Brands” all those many years ago and i really agree with your closing statement “best principles count” (my paraphrase) 

What an amazing opportunity to chat with the legend!

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sheesh everyone… does anybody else watch these interviews?? seriously .. get your coffee and watch these.. they are frikking good!!



What a great interview!
Living in Japan for 30 years now, I had the opportunity to watch first hand the Uniqlo strategy in motion. They developed the HeatTech and now people does not say “I need to buy some thermal fabric gloves” anymore, they say “I need to buy some HeatTech gloves”. It became synonyms of thermal fabric. The same happened to the Airism (the Summer version of HeatTech).