[Meaningful Mondays] Meet the Team Behind Meaningful Conversations đź’•

  • 18 April 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] Meet the Team Behind Meaningful Conversations đź’•
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Hello and welcome to part four, the last chapter in our series previewing Meaningful Conversations—our free, virtual, two-day event that’s kicking off TOMORROW, April 20th! If you want to start from the beginning you can read part one here, part two here, and part three here. And if you want to register for our upcoming event—which I very much hope you do!—you can sign up for free here.


This week, I want to shine the spotlight on what’s happening—and has happened for the last 4+ months—behind the scenes. This event would not be possible without the incredible, awe-inspiring team that’s dedicated so much time and energy to bringing this baby to life. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


An event like Meaningful Conversations takes a village. Typeform has no formal events team, which means that we all did this in addition to our full time jobs. I mean this when I say it—this is an event that comes from the heart and I hope it resonates with you too.



I've kvelled about our speakers but allow me to take a moment to honor the incredible village putting this together behind the scenes:


Thank you @paul , for bringing the whole concept of “Meaningful” to life at Typeform. Without your vision, this event would have never happened.


Thank you @Ganna K. , @Sharon , @carolina.macia , @joran , and @vakis  for so vulnerably sharing your stories during our two-day event planning workshop. The theme of “Meaningful Conversations” was born because of the conversations that took place over those two days.


Thank you Andrew, @Lindsey , Tomi, @eric.johnson , @dannygray , @Msquared , @natalia , Max, Carolina, @Liz , and @Francois (Typeform)  for making introductions to many of the speakers that we’ll see on stage over the next two days.


Thank you Debi, for your astoundingly beautiful art direction, and @tiagoalmanca for contributing so much to the design and beauty of this event.


Thank you @May , @laszlito , and Sharon for making this beautiful event website possible, and for ensuring that Meaningful Conversations lives on long after the two days of the event.


Thank you Sharon, Tomi, Lindsey, Tim, @James , and Lucie for the hours and hours that have gone into promoting this event. No one would be attending this event if not for your efforts.


Thank you Maite and David for your advice and honesty. Your guidance was essential in helping to create an event that we truly feel is meaningful.


Thank you Joran and Natalia for setting up all of the backend infrastructure to make sure that we can track an event like this and keep in touch with our attendees after.


Thank you @picsoung  for directing, sound checking, and basically running the entire day-of livestream for Meaningful Conversations. You are my hero and this event wouldn’t be happening without you. 


Thank you @Crystal , Ganna, Natalia, Joran, Lynn, @CALBRITTON , @Nasia , @amy.carlson , @Kita , and Kean for volunteering your time over the next few days to help out in our “green room” and in the event chat to make sure that our speakers and attendees feel well taken care of.


Thank you @ish , for lending you incredible MCing efforts to Meaningful Conversations. The audience is going to love you!


And lastly, thank you @gouthamp  for approving the budget for this event. Without your sign-off, we wouldn’t have been able to pay for Hopin and host an event like this.


Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE for Meaningful Conversations, starting tomorrow. If you haven’t already, snag your free ticket here. We really do hope that you’ll join us for these conversations.


Our event website now includes our full line-up of conversations and speakers. Check it out and follow—and join!—the conversation on social, #meaningfulconversations2021.


I really do hope to see you at the event. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, ideas, you name it, feel free to drop them as comments to this post and/or leave a video or audio message here.


With gratitude,



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Wow, this is quite the village! Someone should really thank you @rachelmkalt (I'll start :P) because you're really the one who has shaped this event and brought all these wonderful folks together - both on stage and behind the scenes.

Hope you can get some rest tonight – I can only imagine how little sleep you've got over the last few weeks – tomorrow is gonna be an absolute delight for anyone lucky enough to be going. THANK YOU!!!



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Thank you @James ! It’s been a wild ride so far, can’t wait to see what happens over the next two days! Must also send a HUGE THANK YOU to the VideoAsk team in Joanna, @Navit and Dan (Lewis) for bringing many of our workshops to life! 

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@rachelmkalt - take this one for the team: huge congrats on pulling this together, to you and the entire team that is putting this on. 


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DAY ONE done and in the books - this was an awesome set of sessions.. thank you Typeform team and thank you @rachelmkalt