Share your creations and win a year of Typeform for free! 🏆

  • 2 March 2022
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Share your creations and win a year of Typeform for free! 🏆
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Hey community! Emma here from Typeform’s Content team 👋


Have you created any typeforms you’re really proud of?

Don’t let them gather dust in your workspace! We're looking for examples of amazing typeforms to feature on the Typeform template gallery, so others can use them as inspiration for their own projects.

Share your creations with us for a chance to bag some prizes, get published on our site, and receive some well-deserved recognition.


How does it work?

  • Share your typeform(s) here

(Any theme, use case, or style is welcome!)

We’ll pick 5 winners and announce them on March 25th.


Winning categories:

  • The all-rounder: best overall typeform

  • Best design

  • Most impressive logic

  • Most creative concept

  • The one that makes us say, “why didn’t we think of that?”




If you win, you’ll get…


😎 A year of Typeform for free

📣 A shoutout on our social channels

🖼️ A feature on our blog and a link to your website

🔗 A spot for your template on our public gallery—with credit, of course


Even if you’re not one of the 5 winners, we’ll still consider publishing your typeforms, with credit and a link to your website (or community profile, if you prefer). 


The contest closes on March 18th. Show us what you got 👇




7 replies

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Super cool initiative @Emma - can’t wait to see what our hotshot creators share! I love the idea of featuring community-generated forms on Typeform’s template gallery – a great way to showcase all the cool stuff people are doing and for folks to inspire each other! Good luck everyone :four_leaf_clover:

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Ooh this is an awesome competition @Emma ! Especially excited for the category:

  • The one that makes us say, “why didn’t we think of that?”

Best of luck to everyone that enters! :fingers_crossed:

I can’t wait to enter this contest just for fun though. I have seen some creative things already and video truly is the future. I’m going to use mine on Let’s Rank SEO

Good luck everyone. 


Josh Simi


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Two days before the contest closes! make sure you get your submissions in… 


@letsrankseo - how are you doing on getting your’s ready for submission??



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what a great idea! i submitted already my stuff, and hope for the results...

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@Emma …. *sound of the drumroll in the background* … ‘And the Builder Bob’s go to…….’



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Hey community!

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted their typeforms. And a double-thanks for your patience while we sifted through them! We’ll be reaching out to the winners directly this week 🏆 💌


If yours didn’t make it this time, don’t worry. There miiiiiight be another opportunity for you to share your typeforms in the near future—stay tuned 👀


Thanks all!