Adding N/A to Likert scale question

  • 28 April 2021
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Is it possible to add an N/A or “I don’t know” response to a likert scale question and have it not factor into the overall score? I don’t want people to answer zero if they don’t know or don’t have an opinion and then have it affect the score.

3 replies

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@Marcie - this is from a fellow user. 

i have been playing around with the Matrix question and have set up an integration to Google Sheets to do the analysis on the responses.. 

This allows me to add the N/A or Don’t know columns to the question BUT to ignore them when i am doing my analysis of the responses in Sheets. 

It’s a workaround that requires a little more effort and setup but once i got the backend logic in place, it seems to run smoothly for me. 

hope that helps a little



Thanks so much des! You mentioned that you are able to add the NA column to the question. Are you doing that on the same question page as the Likert question, meaning that you list NA next to 0 1 2 3 etc?  If so, how are you doing that. I also just thought of telling people to skip the question if they don’t know and the analysis will still come out ok but that all depends on how well people read directions. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to move to the next question like a “Next Question” button but instead it’s a small down arrow.  


Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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@Marcie - really simple to add the N/a column - it is simply a header to the column. see the image below on a sample page


i will also typically let people now that they can skip a question by putting that message in the description or at the beginning of the survey. sort of like this one

hope that helps somewhat