Any great examples on TypeForm being used for new user onboarding?

  • 20 January 2023
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Hey friends! We’re building out our new user onboarding flow and wanted to see if anyone had great examples of folks who have used Typeform to create these kinds of processes. 


Our major headache is that we have a user create a server and an account during this flow. This isn’t an issue- we can pass that info to our API- but where it gets sticky is if someone wants to use Google OAuth to create their account (i.e., Login with Google). 

Would typeform support something like that? Any examples?

3 replies

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Hi @Tangle_Scottie Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. 

While we don’t have support for connecting your Typeform to creating Google accounts, we do have this template inspire your onboarding forms. 

We also created a post here about how we onboard new remote employees. 

@john.desborough do you use Typeform to onboard new clients at all? 

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@Liz - i do have a simple onboarding Typeform that I use but  not to the extent of passing data to API to create accounts etc. Mine pushes email ‘requests’ to the appropriate target email accounts, using Google Sheets and Document Studio workflow to send series of emails to a number of targets. also pushed into Trello to start off some workflows there..

but nothing into Google api’s sort of thing



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@Tangle_Scottie thanks for getting in touch! 

There are a couple of onboarding flow examples I’ve seen that spring to mind (not sure if they are using Google OAuth signup though).

1. The first is folk, who built a custom onboarding flow using Typeform+Webflow+Zapier(+Intercom). We featured them as a case study in our Workspace Invaders series. Check it out:



2. I also ran into this solution on Linkedin the other day. This person is using Typeform for user sign-up and then syncing with a database in Google Sheets.

Hope these prove helpful in some way!!