Creating multiple events happening at the same time with or without clalendly

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Hello @Liz  and whoever else can answer, I want to second the question about integrating multiple calendly accounts or any other solution to booking different types of appointments. I have a program I want to run with different but simultaneous events which I want people to sign up for. How do you suggest I go about that? The best way I’ve thought about is to integrate multiple calendly accounts to allow “time conflicts”. Does Typeform allow this? If not, do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!


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Hi @Ruth Nice to e-meet you! Do you want the respondents to book multiple events within the same form? Or will you have a different form for each event? 

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Neither. Say there are three possible events - A, B, C. Each three run all day, say from 9 - 5pm. If the first respondent books Event A @ 9am, a second responder should be able to book Event B at 9am. However, Calendly creates conflicts when trying to book more than one event at the same time within the same account and it won’t allow it. 

So, my question is, is there a way to connect multiple calendly accounts for each event logic (in which case I would pair each event with each account) that way conflicts don’t exist? Or is there any other work around to making sure that two events can run at the same time. 

My other idea was to have the user taken to another typeform account where they fill out an entirely new typeform created for each separate event. However, the problem I ran into there was Typeform doesn’t allow redirects based on questions (it only has a redirect at the end) which creates a broken user experience. I don’t want the user to have to go to another page just to be redirected. Also, moving the user from one form to another is also a broken experience

Hope I’m communicating clearly

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To also clarify why I just can’t create three different typeform accounts for the different events to begin with, the user gets to choose which event they want based on seeing all the options in the first place. 

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@Ruth - if you created your typeforms (yes several but wait for it...) in the following fashion it might work:

  • create your main/first typeform with a question to select which event - could be a form with a welcome screen and then single ‘which event question’
    • in this first form, edit the messages/ submit button to something like ‘choose your event and click here’ 
    • set up test variable called v_target or something like that
    • use the v_target variable in the redirect upon completion link
  • set up logic rule to create a variable that would be used in the redirect upon completion 
  • logic rules on the ‘select program’ question 
    • if answer is a then replace v_target with ‘ewe are ell string A’ (for the next typeform for the appropriate event)
    • if answer is b then replace v_target with ‘ewe are ell string B’
    • if answer is c then replace v_target with ‘ewe are ell string c’
  • this should populate your redirect with the correct typeform link
  • create three (in your case) typeforms each with a single slide (or more if you need them) but a single calendly question that is connected to the appropriate calendly account you want to use for each form 
    • if you want to collect name and email in the first typeform do so and add them to the url as hidden fields .. or collect this into in this set of typeforms


that may be a workaround for you to get one typeform account, with 4 (in total) typeforms to connect with 3 different calendly apps based on your description of your use case.. 



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Thank you very much for your response. This is definitely a lot for me as a non technical person, but will attempt to make it work. Before I get started however, can you confirm that I can integrate different calendly accounts per typeform? I attempted to do it (albeit without the instructions above); but typeform kept using the one calendly integration I added on a previous form.

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Tagging @talon256 here as I think he might have some ideas about integrating different Calendly accounts per Typeform! 

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@Ruth, I think the easiest solution to this issue is going to be from inside Calendly, not from within Typeform. I’ll try and give you an answer of how to do it, but you may also benefit from posting on the Calendly help forum.

The good news is, I think there’s a simple solution without making multiple Calendly accounts, or mutliple Typeforms. 

If I were in your situation (assuming I understand your situation correctly), I would set up three separate Calendly event pages for the three events, each with their own availability settings. That would make it so they don’t create conflicts between them. By using logic paths you can have the user taking the Typeform end up on any one of three Typeform-Calendly integration pages/questions. You can have each Typeform integration point to its respective event.

It sounds straightforward, so let us know if there’s a reason that wouldn’t work. Also let me know if that’s not clear!

Best of luck,

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Hi @talon256 thank you for your response. However when I create a manual override of availability within calendly as you described above. It still does not allow two separate events to occur at the same time. Am I missing a step on calendly? I was also told my the calendly customer service operator that calendly does not allow conflicting events. If you know of a way to essentially create two events at the same time on Calendly can you please provide further instructions on how to do that?

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Also @talon256 , i did a quick search and couldn’t find a forum for calendly. Do you have a link? Thank you!

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Sorry for the delay in responding, @Ruth! You probably found the help site at, since I don’t think there’s a user forum like this. Just 1:1 support.

You can’t have conflicting events on Calendly, but you can have separate calendars for separate event pages (that’s what I meant by availability settings above). 

For example, if Amy hosts event A that goes all day, and Brenda hosts event B that’s happening simultaneously, and Claire does event C:

Each should have their own calendar and Calendly event page. The respective event page should have availability set so that it only pays attention to the right host’s calendar. Brenda’s event looks at her calendar for availability, Amy at her’s, etc.


However, if you’re trying to get it to function as a ticketing service like Eventbrite where there’s one event that numerous amounts of people are signing up for with different ticket options...that’s a different fish to fry. I’m not sure Calendly can be finagled into working that way, since that’s not what it was designed for.


Hopefully that’s helpful!